The digital marketing space is continuously changing. New trends are observed every year, and as a digital marketing agency, you must stay ahead of the curve. Out-of-date techniques will limit your output and cost you many clients.

So, here are the top ten digital marketing trends for 2020:

  1.  Direct Messaging: One of the hottest trends in 2020 is brands reaching out to customers through personal messages. There are many messenger platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. that allow brands to reach out to their customers with direct messages. It is useful for maintaining relationships by taking complaints, orders or queries.
  2. Interactive Emails: Email is as valid as ever. It still generates the highest ROI compared to other marketing tools. The use of designs and images in emails rather than text has proved to give better results. Customers are likely to click more on an image or interactive button than a plain text message.
  3. Micro-Influencers: There was a time when ‘influencer’ was a niche market. Now influencers have grown powerful and command huge fees and payment options. For SMEs, micro-influencers (follower count: 30,000) fit the bill to target the right audience and be pocket-friendly. They have better niches and can give you a better ROI.
  4. Featured Snippets: Nowadays, more and more queries have featured snippets on top of the results page on Google. These snippets get the maximum number of clicks and better engagement rate. So, it is important to curate your content according to the well-structured content of a snippet.
  5. Niche Social Media Channels: Many users are migrating from Facebook to niche platforms like Snapchat, Reddit etc. due to many reasons. Although these might not have the reach of social media giants, they are more directed towards the younger generation and fragmented based on niches.
  6. Sentiment Analysis: By using sentiment analysis, you can understand what your customers are thinking about a brand. This analysis allows you to fine-tune your targeting and content delivery strategies.
  7. Vlogging: Video marketing is still in trend and many vlogs are emerging in niche segments. Live streaming business events, FAQs and concerts are the drivers of this category.
  8. Social Commerce: Shoppable posts are everywhere on social media platforms now. They allow users to check the product on a platform and redirect them to your products page to buy. This increases your ROI and helps you analyse your traffic better.
  9. Smart Advertising: Ad placement and media tracking are critical in digital marketing. With tools like Adobe Marketing Cloud, you can automate the tasks of bidding and finding the right ads for you.
  10. Attracting Gen Z: Targeting Gen Z is vital as they will soon become more than 40 per cent of consumers of content. Giving importance to privacy, diversity, and authenticity are the keys to attract Gen Z.

Many digital marketing services in Delhi can help you come up with a curated marketing plan if you are overwhelmed with all the data out there.

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