In this era, sending mail isn’t given as much thought as it was back in the day. You might catch yourself pressing “respond” and hitting “send” without checking what’s in the mail.

Since we always use mail, each mail we send should be well-written. It should serve the intended aim of disseminating information.

Successful mail communicates information and saves time and energy for both the reader and the recipient.

Here are three pro tips to be successful in sending mail.

1. Be Direct to the Point

Long mails are a thing of the past. Make sure you’re clear and upfront with your messages. It’s the most crucial out of all the tips for sending mail.

Keep these points in mind when trying to make a point in your mails:

First Two Sentences Rule

Your recipient shouldn’t have to go through many paragraphs to figure out your point. State the main point of your mail within the first two sentences.

Subject Line

When it comes to emails, your subject line should be short, and it shouldn’t tease. It should match what’s in your mail, summarizing why you are contacting your recipient.

The subject line influences whether your mail gets read or ignored.

Don’t Muddle Info

Limit yourself to one content area per mail. Muddled content gives your recipient a hard time finding the mail in a query. The content they’re looking for won’t match the subject line.

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2. Consider the Structure

Sending mail with poor structure makes you appear unprofessional. Follow these tricks to make your letter look more professional.

Bullet Point and Highlight

Bullet points make it easier for the recipient to read the mail. It also aids the reader in identifying the mail’s key points.

If the recipient has to take action after receiving the mail, highlight the call to action.

Don’t Use Slang

Certified mail uses a certain level of formal language. Words from mature business people adopting shortcuts such as “4 u” and “Gr8” are not okay.

Emojis should never see the light of day in your emails. It makes you appear childish and unprofessional.

Additionally, choose a plain typeface and use minimal colors, if any at all.

3. Watch the Tone

What people forget from most tips on how to send mail is the tone. The tone of a mail is hard to determine. In the general run of things, the reader assigns the mood of your mail, even if it was not what’s intended.

Exclamation Marks

Be careful not to use exclamation marks or incendiary terms in the email. One might use exclamation marks to appear excited, but some may think it’s angry or frustrated.


Quotes are becoming more common at the bottom of emails. Avoid using religious quotes or quotes that might exclude others. These quotes might offend your recipient.

Your mail needs to look professional. After following these tricks, you can give your letter a certified mail label through these services.

Follow These Tips to Be Successful in Sending Mail

Experts believe that your mail habits can ruin your personal and professional reputation. Every mail you send either improves or damages your reputation.

If your mail is chaotic, unorganized, and full of errors, the recipient may see you that same way. Follow these tips for sending mail and reap professional success.

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