We often hear the question, “What are family lawyers for”? Mostly people refer to family lawyers as the ones who deal with issues related to divorce, hence call them divorce attorneys. Divorce is probably the most common issue. However, there are many other issues such as assets division, financial support to children, child custody, adoption, and estate planning to mention a few that fall in the domain of family law. 

Therefore, there are many domains where a family lawyer can assist you. This article will explain in detail the services a family lawyer can provide to you. 

1. Divorce 

The most common and famous domain of family lawyer divorce. Divorce is a daunting and complicated process. A family lawyer can assist in a smooth divorce process without making it more difficult. Allegations are a part of the divorce process where one party falsely accuses the other. So, a family lawyer can protect your rights. Someone in Victorville suffering from similar issues can have the assistance of divorce law victorville ca. They have all the expertise and abilities to meet your specific needs and requirements of the case.  

2. Second-Parent and Adoptions

A family lawyer helps in the easy adoption process and helps in legalizing the client’s parent-child relationship. They help step-parents become true parents in every possible way. Without a lawyer’s help, both parent and child will face difficulties in legalizing their relationship and can be excluded from essential rights and benefits.

3. Establish Paternity

Established paternity is the area when the father of a child is not in a marital relationship with the mother. However, being a biological father to the child, certain legal rights are granted to both the child and the father. For example, a father is allowed to have parenting time with the child, and the child is entitled to the father’s inheritance and can receive financial assistance from the father.  

4. Mediation of Family Disputes

Family disputes are so critical that they can not be taken to court usually due to the involvement of emotional factors in such disputes. If in a family dispute, the case goes to the court it is never a win-win situation because the win of one family member would be at the loss of the other so it is kind of a zero-sum game. 

The court procedures destroy family relationships. So, family lawyers not only help in solving the issue at home but also can help negotiate on every person’s behalf without harming or violating the rights of the other. 

5. Estate Planning 

Estate planning services are usually not offered by every attorney dealing in family law. It usually falls in a separate domain but some lawyers of family law do deal in estate planning. Estate planning is a very important decision when you go through major decisions in life including marriage, child’s birth, and even divorce. The family lawyer also helps to manage and effectively handle the estate of a client’s loved one who has recently passed away.