There are several new editions in cabinet colors. From white to black to grey, you have many choices. But, you cannot just go for any color with black countertops. Darker slabs are for statement kitchens. That is why you require the best options. J&K cabinetry, in this case, has the best white and grey cabinets to go with black kitchen counters.

Moreover, be careful with the tone of the cabinets. Either you can choose darker or lighter cabinets. So, try to go with contrasting shades rather than the close ones. Also, a mid-tone might not look pleasant with black slabs. If you prefer dark cabinets, go for it. But, make sure to go with a white backsplash. 

In addition, it is better to match the two looks using a sample. To help you with this matter, here are the best color cabinets for black counters:

  1. With white cabinets
  2. Gray color cabinet
  3. Bold red cabinets
  4. Classic brown cabinet
  5. Jet black cabinet

1. With white cabinets:

A white cabinet with a black counter is a timeless contrast. These black and white kitchen themes are very eye-catching. No color can complement the look of a black counter other than white cabinets. So, white cabinets, a black counter, and a white backsplash is a perfect package. Pick honed or matte cabinets, and it will nail the looks. 

In addition, this combo is best for small and large kitchens. If you have a large area, white cabinets will make it even brighter for you. Also, if you have a small size kitchen, white color will make it look big. 

2. Gray color cabinet:

Well, grey is the best neutral color to go for. For kitchen cabinets, pick a light or dark shade of grey. Gray will most likely go well with black slabs. You will also feel warmth in your kitchen. Well, you cannot go wrong with grey these days. So, go for grey cabinets, a black counter, and a wooden oak floor. Finally, get the best kitchen style ever.

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3. Bold red cabinets:

Well, this one is a deadly mix for any kitchen style. If you dare to have bold red cabinets, go for black counters as well. It is a sophisticated match for black slabs. Also, red will give a sleek and edgy touch to your kitchen. Today, many people love to try red kitchen cabinets. If you want to achieve an accent look, go for this match.

Moreover, pair red cabinets with a black counter and white backsplash. Then, see the results. In addition, dark mahogany red is also a good match for black counters. So, get this shade from J&K cabinetry. It will enhance the wooden look of a classic kitchen.

4. Classic brown cabinet:

First of all, any light shade except white is not a good idea with black counters. But, wooden cabinets are an ideal option for every kitchen. If you plan to design a traditional kitchen, go for dark wood kitchen cabinets in Illinois. Also, this brown shade will give an old accent to your black counter. 

Well, pairing two dark shades is not that easy. That is why we balance the two tones perfectly. The classic wood tone is the best one for any theme. In this case, go for a marble backsplash. So, an island counter can lift the look of your cooking space. 

5. Jet black cabinet:

It is not a usual match for most people. So, it takes more courage to take that step. Jet black cabinets are a deadly combo for black counters. If you are up for an all-black kitchen, go for it. It will look bold and stylish in your cooking area. Also, pair a black counter with a honed black cabinet. Use brass knobs and handles on black doors. 

In addition, add a white marble backsplash with them. It will give a striking look to the cabinet. Also, it will balance out the dark tones. Plus, choose white floor tiles. But, keep in mind that it is vital to balance the dark with light. But, it is not a good idea for a small kitchen space. 


No doubt black counters are in trend these days. They are bold and eye-catching. Also, they come in various specs and details. So, you can make a perfect accent by pairing it with white J&K cabinetry. This stark contrast will give a timeless look to your space. 

In addition, you can go for a grey and brown cabinet for a cozy feel. But, you can pick red and black to make a bold statement. The kitchen design gallery has the finest cabinets with your black counters.