Even if a cozy hammock and lemonade glass may be calling your name, take some time to perform necessary home repairs before you relax. You can keep the exterior of your home in excellent condition by following this maintenance checklist.

1. Clear the dryer exhaust

Your dryer’s efficiency will suffer, and there is a fire risk if your vent is obstructed. While the dryer is running, confirm that the exhaust is flowing out. If you don’t detect much exhaust, you might have a blockage, which is best identified and fixed by an expert. Cleaning the vent will also improve the dryer’s efficiency.

2. Deck upkeep and repair

If your deck has loose boards, cracks, or deterioration, deep cleaning is required. Otherwise, more repair is needed. If so, give it a pressure wash first. You should always check for degradation, particularly in places that tend to remain damp. 

Your deck might not be safe to use if the wood is soft and pliable or doesn’t splinter when prodded with a screwdriver. Little holes may indicate insects, so keep an eye out for those. After washing, if the deck coating has become worn, apply a waterproofing coating.

3. Window cleaning

The sun shines through sparkling windows. To avoid streaks, try to do this activity on a cold, cloudy day. Use a gentle brush or cloth and a pail of cool water with a tiny bit of dish soap, being careful not to use water that is too frothy. 

Use an extended brush, carefully climb a ladder, or use spray cleaners that connect to the end of a hose to clean out-of-reach windows. Homeowners want to be outside having fun with friends and family or relaxing after a long day at work when the weather is nice.

But to relax and enjoy yourself, you need a proper outdoor environment that is shielded from direct sunshine, sweltering heat, and stormy weather like strong winds or rain. The awnings are made from rigid, weatherproof materials and fabrics intended to improve your home’s aesthetics. 

4. Repair the Driveway

Your home’s curb appeal is damaged by an unattractive hole or crack in your driveway, which can also worsen over time. Cement-repair products can be used to patch or fill cracks or chips in concrete driveways. 

Significant difficulties like deeper cracks or sinking concrete are better left to professionals. Call a professional since asphalt is more challenging to work with. An asphalt driveway should be resealed every two to five years to increase its longevity.

5. Trim trees and shrubs

Spend some time on your garden and tree maintenance so they can grow and flourish in the warmer months. Grass should be cut back. 

Your paint will be protected, and water won’t enter your home by keeping plants away from the siding and foundation. Get rid of any leftover leaves on the grass or tucked away behind plants.


The last step is to take your barbecue out of storage and remove its cover to get ready for grilling season. It should be in good shape if you cleaned it at the end of the previous season. Otherwise, it’s time to work hard.