Dupattas are the quintessential accessories for women. They are one of the most integral part of Indian ethnic wear which is responsible for adding the grace to your outfit. The best part about dupatta is no matter what you wear it can easily gel up with any of your outfit. Apart from matching with any type of outfit these dupatta can also be  worn in different styles. There are numerous ways to style the dupattas which we are going to discuss down below. 

How to Style Your Dupattas

With the continous evolution in the fashion industry over the time, the dressing style of dupattas has also changed. From just using it as the normal household fashion accesssoreis to getting popular on the world level. All these experiements helped alot in the growing the demand of the dupattas. Once which used to comes in simple design, nowadays can be found in the beautiful soothing design. 

Popular ways to style the dupattas 

  • Wearing Dupatta as a Stole 

One of the most common and famous way of styling your dupattas is wearing it as a stole. For some it may sound weird, but indeed it is one of the most popular way of wearing dupattas without any much of efforts. 

Wearing dupattas as a stole has its own advantage. This complete fushion helps in making it tranform from Indian ethnic wear to western wear. By converting your dupatta to stole like this helps in mathching easily with with the outfit like jeans and skirt. You can also style it with other topwear. 

  • Drapping Like a shawl 

The next popular ways through which you can drape your dupatta is wearing it as a subtitute of the shawl. You can drape this style at the time of wearing ghagra choli or chaniya choli for the occassions. 

You can wear it by wrapping your dupatta around your back. Then, take out the upper hem of the dupatta over your shoulder which at the end allow the allow the dupatta to fold to open on the back. If you want you can also  drape the dupatta around your elbow. Adding a beautiful handmade leather bag as an accessories to uplift the entire look. To Know more about leather you can visit Kutchi Bazaar.

  • Draping your dupatta like saree over the Top and Jeans 

With so many experiement around Indian ethnic wear. You can also follow this style of draping you dupatta like the saree over the jeans. Going for a dupatta with Ajrakh cotton fabric is the ideal choice during the summer.

This is the popular indo western way styling the dupattas. You can drape this dupatta in the form of saree over the jeans. 

  • Wearing Dupatta with the Waist Belt 

The next popular ways to drape the dupatta is by wearing it below the waist belt. Wearing your clothes with the waist belt has become a new trend nowadays. The belt help in keep your dupatta at a steady place.

While wearing a lehenga or designer jacket with the skirt you can try out this amazing combination of wearing your dupatta with the belt. 

Drapping the dupatta with the side cawls style 

The dupatta is one of the most important accessories without which your lehenga is incomplete. A matching dupatta helps in uplifiting the entire look of your lehenga. For most of us, we usally try to wear the dupatta on lehenga around the lehenga which is quite old school. If you are really a fan of wearing the dupatta around the neck then you must definitely try out the popular side cowls stlye of wearing dupattas. 

Just take out one side of the dupatta and have it go across your body just like the saree. With the help of the pin form cowls on both the end of the shoulder.