Starting a family with your partner is one of the most thrilling and exciting phases of life. You must be planning the color scheme of the nursery and choosing the perfect name. But with excitement also comes a feeling of nervousness. 

Many couples struggle with conception and go for treatment plans to start a family. It’s best to prepare the body before conceiving to have a smooth gestational period. 

Here are some healthy tips to help your body prepare to nourish a new life. 

Maintain an Ideal Body Weight

Even though you don’t need to build muscles like a bodybuilder or get a slim figure like a model, attaining a healthy weight is necessary. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential as it eases the strains of carrying a child and minimizes the risk of gestational diabetes. 

If you are overweight, it also puts a strain on the bones, so visit orthopedics to get your condition checked. 

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Women who are planning to get pregnant anytime soon should avoid foods like fish which are high in mercury levels. Also, refrain from consuming raw seafood like oysters and sushi. Also, avoid soft cheeses in your diet as it gets easily contaminated with bacteria.

For the liquid part, you need to avoid black tea, chocolate, and alcohol until you have delivered your baby.

Consume more Fruits and Vegetables 

Since you need to have a healthy weight, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Be sure that your diet emphasizes fresh and whole foods. 

Modify your diet and include low glycemic fruits, healthy fats, protein, and non-processed foods. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and get rid of toxic substances. 

Take Your Vitamins

Along with a healthy diet, make sure to take prenatal vitamins. It is essential to fulfill your requirements for folic acid to prevent the risk of developing neural tube defects.

Some nutritional requirements are not fulfilled by food alone. That’s why taking supplements is essential. Visit your gynecologist to get vitamins prescribed according to your condition. 

Go for Preconception Counseling 

If you struggle to get pregnant then consider getting a preconception counseling session. Whether you are an opposite-sex couple or a lesbian couple, you can explore your ​LGBTQ fertility options. When you visit a fertility medical center, you can get lab tests and pelvic exams done to determine the best treatment plan.

If all the test results are normal then your doctor would advise you to monitor your fertility to maximize your chances of a quick and healthy conception. 

Manage Your Stress Levels 

In some cases, high-stress levels will make pregnancy a difficult journey. Often women who experience depression and anxiety have their pregnancies end up in miscarriages.

Take your time to do yoga, exercise, and meditation to keep your mind positive. You can even get counseling to deal with stress in your daily life. Counseling can help you even after postpartum when it gets overwhelming looking after a newborn.