The attention of businesses is now focussed on building customer experience and customer satisfaction. Web development agencies are now working towards creating highly responsive, useful, and easy to navigate websites.

The web development technologies which emerged in 2019, have seen greater adoption in 2020. Major profit-makers from 2020 trends are developers either working for a website development agency or a freelancer. As their skill demand is increasing day by day.

1. Artificial Intelligent Chatbots: Chatbots are best to give personalized assistance to the website visitors. These Conversational agents work Natural Processing Language(NPL). Some features are-

● Easy automated reply to customers, replacing human customer support.

● Companies can save the cost of customer service.

● AI-powered chatbots can answer hundreds of queries, simultaneously.

● Best to capture customer’s contacts and email IDs, transferring data to CRM and other platforms.

● Help in gaining qualified leads and conversions, thrashing your competitors in 2020.

● Can be integrated into mobile apps, Facebook ads, Messenger ads, email marketing software, etc

2. Voice Search Optimization: Voice recognition technology has been famously adopted by users as they don’t have to type. Many households prefer using voice assistant devices like Alexa, Google Assitant, Siri to perform searches in 2020. Mobile users find Google Now as the most convenient option to search ‘places near me’ or ‘Italian cafes near me’. Thus, pushing a website development agency to optimize for voice search in 2020. Businesses, especially local businesses, are bound to make their website voice search friendly to appear in Google SERP.

3. Automated Testing: Automated testing has replaced manual testing that was time-consuming and involve human errors. As a web development agency, we have to check log files, external services, and the database for errors. Checking manually decreases the productivity of a tester and also prevents from doing core development. Gartner also declared test automation as a new trend in 2020. A phenomenal tool for testing is, which uses artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate errors. The need to implement automated testing in 2020 is recognized by web development agency(ies) and technology giants. Tools like Selenium also supports testing in various programming languages- Java, Python, C#, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript.

4. Push Notification: E-commerce and education websites rely heavily on push notifications compared to normal websites. How they use it?

● Engage mobile app users through personalized notifications.

● Create a sense of urgency, if the notification is time-specific and call-to-action.

● To increase click-through-rate by average 6%, based on industry.

● Convert visitors into paying customers by optimizing their notification. Like adding images, discounts, coupons, mentioning price drops, etc.

Our web development agency, by implementing push notification on our client’s mobile app, has re-engaged the lost customers. As most of their users browse from mobile, this turned out the best strategy to convert more at less cost.


5. Accelerated Mobile Page: A Google update concentrating on page experience for mobile devices. In 2016, Google combined AMP listing with its mobile search results. Pages with AMP coding are allotted a special place or designation in Google News carousel(see image).

The websites that publish news are fast to adopt this technology. When you search for a news-related term in on your mobile, you will find swipeable images with a link attached to them.

They are super fast to load and give an incredible experience to readers. In short, AMP pages are low-fat milk compared to HTML pages that are high-fat milk. Website developers, get ready to make fast mobile pages in 2020!


6. Mobile Responsive Website: In 2020, more than 50% of web searches will be from mobile devices(reported by Statista). Also, mobile users spend 69% of their time searching for online media. Thus, pointing website development agency to make websites mobile-friendly i.e. loads faster and easy navigation. If a website is mobile responsive, it will automatically change its size and structure to fir small screen size.

It is always better to practice early adoption of new trends. This way you win the battle of becoming the best by defeating your competitors.