If you still believe sex is binary, you still have much reading and catching up. The concept of sexuality is never binary, as we have been made to believe. If it is so, then we won’t have the LGBTQ community. Also, you should know that several individuals identify opposite to the gender assigned at birth. This is to tell you that the concept of sexuality is a spectrum that will keep changing the more you explore. So, if you are straight, that doesn’t mean you are 100% straight until you’ve successfully explored your sexuality. 

Most individuals fighting the LGBTQ community haven’t explored their sexuality or are too rigid or timid to discover the outcome when they explore. So, instead of being so uptight about sexuality, why not take your time to explore yours and see if you are truly what you say or if you’ve been made to believe you are? 

If this interests you, or you want to explore your sexuality, here are some steps you should take to help you understand your sexuality better. 

Be open-minded:

If exploring your sexuality sounds like what you want to do now, you must be open-minded. You shouldn’t explore your sexuality with an already established opinion of what your sexuality should be or can’t be. So, ensure you are open to the changes you might most likely undergo instead of sliding into denial. Most individuals explore their sexuality, and in the long run, they slide into denial because of what people say or what society will feel about them. 

Watch porn:

After reading and going for therapy sessions, you should also include porn. One of the most effective means of exploring your sexuality is by watching bisexual porn videos. Consuming as much as your capacity can take will help you understand your body. Gather your report and return it to your therapist if there are any noticeable changes or if it looks fun and interesting. Some individuals are such that on watching bisexual porn, they become super positive about themselves being bisexual because of how they react to any bisexual porn clips they explore. To make it more interesting, you can try masturbating to it, and if you have a partner, explore mutual masturbation with them and see how it goes. You might be surprised at the outcome. 

Give it time:

Don’t be in haste to change the mentality that you’ve upheld for more than 20 years in 4 hours. It doesn’t work that way, instead, give it time and keep exploring. Don’t expect your sexuality to change after exploring it for a few days. Your body has been made to believe you are very distinct from the idea you are beginning to open it up to, so it might take a while before the effect begins to manifest.