The tourism industry faced a negative impact due to COVID-19. In fact, experts found that the United States lost more money than any other country because of the slowdown in tourism.

Now that people are starting to travel again, it’s time for hotel owners to rethink their designs. To acquire more guests at your hotel over others, you’ll want the best design tips out there.

Keep reading to learn about hotel lobby design and decoration.

Creating Ambiance

Your hotel lobby design should create a sense of ambiance with the use of lighting. Lighting is one of the elements of a room that has a positive effect on energy levels and mood.

A hotel with a lot of natural light will provide a sense of approachability and friendliness. Dim lighting has its own benefits too as it can suggest a more calm and relaxing environment.

A hotel lobby is a place for guests to check-in and out or just hang out and relax when they aren’t in their rooms. For this reason, you should create different lighting schemes in different settings.

Smooth Traffic Flow

One of the best lobby design tips to keep in mind is to create a functional environment. Directing traffic to create flow is key to guest experience when they first walk into a hotel lobby.

Guests should know where to go right away. You can use signs to direct people or set up furniture in a way to lead guests straight to the front desk where they can check-in.

Use Location as a Decorating Guide

The lobby decor is easier to figure out if you use your location as a guide. Guests choose to visit a certain location for a reason so making them feel part of the community might provide them with a better hotel experience.

Some decorating tips that can directly reference the destination include using:

  • Architectural elements
  • Building materials
  • Color schemes
  • Period styles

For example, if your hotel location is in an area with must-see churches, you can consider using tinted glass as a decorating option. Highlighting local art is another one of the design tips you can use.

Lobby Size

When it comes to lobby design, you’ll have to consider the size of your area and what you can do with it. Ideally, you’ll want a place for guests to relax, have a drink, and just hang out when they want.

A budget doesn’t always allow for large rooms, but you can use furniture and decorations to your advantage. With the right Hotel Furniture Supplier, you can use pieces to make a small room feel bigger.

Create a Hotel Lobby Design That Your Guests Will Love

As a hotel owner, you’ll want your guests to enjoy their stay and rave about it when they leave. The guest experience starts as soon as they walk through the doors.

Since a hotel lobby is the first thing guests see, it is important to make the lobby a priority during the design process. With these hotel lobby design tips, you’ll have what you need to create the perfect environment.

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