My friends and I have been dying to visit Spiti Valley after seeing so many incredible pictures of the place. It was the perfect spot for our friends’ reunion. Our plans finally came to success when my friend asked me to check out some Thrillophilia reviews online. I found a few good reviews, but was still not convinced so I visited the website and was blown away by the plan that they were offering, at an incredible price! I consulted with all my friends and we decided it was time to take this much-awaited trip to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

We immediately booked our tour with Thrillophilia, packed our bags and left for Manali. What followed next was possibly the best few days of our lives, where we made some incredible memories, travelled extensively, took photos of the beautiful natural countryside, as well as of our friend group and revived old memories. We are all lovers of adventure, which is another reason why we decided to travel with Thrillophilia because of the many adventure activities they were offering as part of the tour package, which was difficult to find elsewhere.

The first day was spent sightseeing some of the most ancient and beautiful attractions in Manali before heading to Spiti Valley, including the Buddhist temple, Siyali Mahadev, Old Manali and the famous Hadimba Temple. We stayed the night in a pre-hotel hotel in Manali itself. The second day, we left our hotels early after breakfast and headed to Kaza. On our way, we passed the famous Rohtang Pass and the Kunzum Pass after which we finally reached the first village in the Spiti Valley – Losar. We then drove to Kaza where we ate some delicious local food and spent the night at a hotel that was pre-arranged for us by Thrillophilia. 

The next day was spent sightseeing in Kaza, where we explored the incredible view of the snow-capped mountains, visited places like Lang Temple, the Ki monastery in Langza, the beautiful village of Kibber and the lesser-known village of Gette from where we got a panoramic view of Kaza. After our overnight stay in Kaza, we headed to Tabo the next day where we visited the Tabo Monastery, which is 1020 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was also the day when we got to see the confluence of the Pin and Spiti Rivers. Other attractions that were on the itinerary on that day were the Kungri Monastery, the village of Mudh, the picturesque Dhankar Tso Lake and much more. To avail best tour packages read the Thrillophilia Reviews.

We were very excited to visit Chandratal Lake during our tour, which is exactly what we did the next day. The lake, with the ChandraBhaga Mountain in the background, made for a picture that was completely out of this world, and we had a memorable photo session here. The most adventurous part of our journey was spent camping in the great outdoors, under the light of the thousands of stars that lit up the sky after sundown.

On the last day, we made our way back to Manali with so many new and wonderful memories that we made with each other, all thanks to Thrillophilia. Apart from the innumerable small hamlets and ancient monasteries we visited, we had enough time for shopping, sightseeing some of the lesser-known temples, lakes and valleys and even indulging in some sports and adventures. We got the chance to go hiking, trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing and crossing rivers on foot when we were exploring the marvellous Spiti Valley.

The entire experience was smooth, safe and seamless, with everything pre-arranged and booked in advance by Thrillophilia, which made it even more exhilarating. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing during our journey since it was all taken care of by Thrillophilia even before our travel dates.

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