We all love to travel in comfort and ease. With increasing road traffic, the demand for taxi ride apps has increased. On demand transportation apps are ever-increasing showing no signs to stop. It is no surprise that even a small town has got multiple taxi booking ride apps. If you are looking to invest in on demand taxi ride-hailing app in Latin America, we can help you. Read on the blog to know what it takes to build your custom Beat ride clone app.

There is no second doubt that the Uber taxi booking apps enjoy the monopoly in the taxi ride-hailing business but there are other taxi ride brands that have succeeded in making a mark including Lyft, Gojek, Beat ride, etc. The taxi-ride hailing apps are unique in their ways providing a pleasant taxi riding experience to the customers. If you are looking to launch an on demand taxi ride app like Beat Ride in Latin America, you are on the right page.

What Is Beat Ride App?

Beat Ride is formerly known as “Taxibeat” origins from Athens, Greece. The taxi booking app is a huge hit, with now more than 250000+ drivers connecting various neighbourhood cities. The taxi-hailing app tops the list in Greece, Columbia, and Chile. Therefore, looking at the soaring popularity of the app, many startups and entrepreneurs of Latin America are interested in developing the Beat Ride clone app.

Things To Consider To Enjoy Success Like Beat Ride App

  • Focus on providing quality riding services to your customers than focusing on your competitors
  • Look and understand your customer’s expectations towards a taxi-hailing app in Latin America
  • Make your Beat Ride clone app user-friendly to use
  • Go local, it will boost your local community helping people to earn a decent income
  • Keep updating and upgrading rendering to the changing marketing needs for enhanced app performance
  • Provide economical rides to your users, offering them various discounts to boost the app downloads

Important Features To Have In Your Beat Ride App Clone

Quick bookings

An easy and quick booking involving a few steps that confirm the taxi ride booking

Real-time tracking

The feature lets your passenger track their taxi rides on a real-time basis, knows estimated time to reach, and stays updated from the driver update.

Trip history

It is a dedicated feature that lets your customer manage and view their upcoming and past riding history

Fare estimates

The feature lets the user know their fare estimates of their rides before confirming

Cancel bookings

The feature lets the user and driver both to cancel their trip bookings whenever they wish to. When the user cancels the trip there are cancellation charges applicable.

In-app chat

The feature lets the user/driver chat vice versa when required.

Quick payments

Integrating it with secured payment gateways, it allows your users to pay from multiple payment options that help them book their ride quickly.

Push notifications

It informs the users about the recent updates, slashed prices, discounts/promo codes, important alerts, new launch of services, etc.


Offering a referral program will help build a loyal fan base for your Beat Ride clone app.

The Key Benefits of Building White-label Beat Ride Clone App

  • Developing a white-label Beat ride clone app makes your app customizable. This means you can make changes to your logo, branding, and add/modify the features as per your business requirements.
  • It has a thoughtful user-friendly interface that provides a pleasant experience to the users
  • The taxi-hailing app will be deployed on the private servers, providing you full control over your user data.
  • The Beat Ride clone app is a ready-made build to scale taxi booking riding solution that ensures a hassle-free transition for your forthcoming developments and growth.
  • The taxi-hailing clone app solution comes equipped with 3rd party integrations. The app lets you connect with other service providers such as hotel bookings, bike ride bookings, payments, and more.
  • It comes with multi-lingual and multi-currency support ensuring that the Beat Ride clone app script to work in other countries, worldwide.
  • There is a dedicated technical support team to help you with the app glitches and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Booking a ride through a Beat Ride clone app in Latin America should be simple, economically beneficial, safe and comfortable for your customers. If you would like to build your own on demand Beat Ride clone app, keep in mind the above-mentioned things and features to integrate.

Right not it is a perfect opportunity to develop taxi-hailing app in Latin America. Choose to work with a professional app development company that has years of experience in building on demand apps. Look for their client testimonials and the types of the app they have launched in the App /Play store. Once you established your business, you can further expand by developing app like on demand travel booking apps, hotel bookings, bike riding on demand apps, Deliver all, as well as All in one delivery services making your business more profitable and ever expanding.

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