Reading plays an important part in the learning of the children. It has a crucial role to play in the linguistics, the grasp on which is important for the growth of the children.

However, reading is not limited to an activity that middle-schoolers do, after having learnt language. Reading needs to be encourages from an early age, especially since there are many distractions around children, that may then harm their mental and physical growth.

The biggest culprits are the digital devices; even adults cannot resist them, let alone children. The content and games are designed in a way that the child gets addicted to them, and instead of moving about and exploring the world, gets firmly latched onto the devices.

Reading can help divert the attention of the child away from the digital devices, especially when inculcated early on in life. Moreover, reading early also helps in recognizing if your child is suffering from learning difficulties like dyslexia, so you are able to get timely help from your Child specialist in Lahore.

There are other benefits to reading as well. These include:

Better performance at school

Language plays a vital role in academic performance of the child. Reading helps in improved letter awareness, word consciousness in children alongside better grasp on the alphabetical sounds.

Moreover, reading helps in language comprehension, which is limited not only to that subject, but spreads across other domains as well.

For example, having good English comprehensive is not only beneficial for understanding English, but other subjects that are taught in the same language, like Science and Mathematics.

Research has also connected improved performance and reading skills; people who are readers from an early age have better graduation rates.

Quality time

Time is an expensive commodity and needs to be utilized well. Teaching your children how to spend time well is an important duty. If your child is wasting time on screens, watching mind-numbing games that offer nothing but pleasure, you are allowing your child to waste time.

Instead, make sure that they spend quality time. Habits like reading are much better, since they allow for mental growth.

Social activity

This benefit pertains more to how reading is carried out. When you yourself read out aloud to your child, or when you make reading a family affair, you make it more of a social activity instead of a solitary one. It also then allows the family to spend quality time together, and bond with each other.

Imagination and creativity

Fostering creativity is extremely important, and one way to do this is by encouraging your child to read. Whey they read, or even listen to, a book, they form a mental image using the text. This encourages their imagination, which in turn, facilitates creativity.

Child’s development

Reading also plays a pivotal role in the child’s development. Alongside the development of linguistic skills, reading also improves their emotional intelligence. It also helps them in connecting better with other people.

The inspiring stories with moral and lessons also contribute towards child’s development. Moreover, they are better able to understand the world around them, through the medium of reading. Their people skills also improve as their comprehension of people gets better with reading.


When you read to your child, or they read out to you, it helps you bond with each other, and not only because you spend time together. Experts have attributed reading aloud to emotional bonding between parents and children.

Improved mental health

Reading also has a profound impact on the mental health of children. It helps in calming them down. It is also effective for making children happier and encourages emotional growth.

If your child has anger issues and violent tendencies, you can test out reading to them. But if still the condition does not improve, you should then work it with your Child specialist in Islamabad.