Looking for some exciting PS5 games to play? Well, we have here exactly what you need. We know how hard it can be for a gamer to find something both interesting as well challenging to play on these cool gaming consoles. So, we took it on ourselves to gather some of the top-rated PS5 games that are loved universally by gamers.

All the games from our list have both detailed visuals, and an extremely fun storyline for you to follow. We are certain you will find your next favorite PS5 games to play from the following list since most of these games have done well commercially and are hit in the eyes of both noob and expert gamers.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into some of the best PS5 games for you to play in 2022

  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This game recreates the opening portions and expands a five to eight-hour session into a 40 hours RPG which gamers adore all over the world. There are realistic visuals, a consistent storyline, and a bunch of new and amazing characters for you to try out.

There is also a separate 10 hours campaign focusing on Yuffie which you can play if you want to experience the game from a different perspective.

  1. God of War

This game takes the already famous game, God of War, to a whole other level by offering 4K resolution and extremely detailed visuals similar to uberlab poe. With a 60fps resolution combined with an immaculate storyline and interesting gameplay, this game stands out from the crowd.

Play God of War to have endless fun with exciting characters exploring a semi-open world with plenty of possibilities.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This game depicts the Viking age in all its glory and with as detailed graphics as one can imagine. The game has plenty of exciting weapons, sick character outfits, and a storyline that keeps you engaged from beginning till the end.

There are various side activities just for fun such as a drinking competition and exploration of the vast land with your favorite characters by your side. The game is really a treat to the eyes and an overall great way to enjoy playing on your PS5.

  1. Control: Ultimate Edition

This action/adventure game is sure to give you all the thrill and excitement you crave just like the hit game path of exile trade. You play a character named Jessie Faden who belongs to an agency that specializes in controlling paranormal activities.

This mysterious game is filled with plot twists and an amazing gameplay sequence that keeps you hooked for hours. This game has very interesting side characters as well which you can have so much fun with.

  1. Domon’s Souls

This game is filled with exciting characters and visuals that keep you entrained for hours. Its mighty bosses and neat characters equipped with cool weapons give you an opportunity to experience online gaming at its finest.

Though the game requires lots of practise on your part for you to progress once you get the hang of it, we assure you that you will not be able to keep away from it.

  1. FIFA 22

No matter what level of a gamer you are, there is no way you haven’t heard of this masterpiece somewhere before. This new version of FIFA comes with more captivating graphics, various features like Hyper motion mode, and an updated career mode for you to play.

With FIFA 22 you can come up with your own team, its outfit, and the type of match you want to play. The game is really on a whole other level when it comes down to seamless visuals and exciting gameplay.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the trending PS5 games that you can try out for maximum fun. These games stand out for not just their visuals, but the unique gameplay, and plots that gamers love to their cores.

Try out any one or more of these cool PS5 games and we are certain that you will enjoy your gaming time more than ever. We really hope this stuff has been of some help and we urge you once again to choose from our list to have the time of your life.