Shooting games are indeed a lot of fun to play.

All that adrenaline rush that you feel when facing multiple enemies, and you must be the last man standing! This factor accounts for faster reflexes and heightened senses when it comes to paying attention to the details!

Seeing that there are so many benefits of playing shooting games, it is effortless to comprehend the reason behind their high popularity.

While there are many shooting games out there, it is tough to pick the best one. So keeping that piece of information in mind, we have decided to share some of the best shooting games you can enjoy for a high-action experience!

1.    Battlefield V

Battlefield V is indeed one of the most popular shooting games that we have on the list today!

This game is a complete package for people who love a moving storyline with exceptional graphics.

This game from EA depicts a  World War II scenario and very proactive gameplay. We are sure that you will be shooting on and on for hours once you try this game!

Not only does this game offers a compelling storyline, but it also comes with a multiplayer mode for the people that find thrill in competing with other players.

2.    Zombies can’t Jump2

No doubt that computer shooting games are a lot of fun.

But suppose you cannot commit to completing an entire storyline or commit to becoming a better player in a multiplayer game. In that case, Zombies can’t Jump2 by Unlimited Gamez Mo is worth your time!

This game is a short story game that features only 30 original levels and two different survival challenges. Note that you can play these challenges in many different ways.

In this game, you fight for your survival as the zombies are coming to get your brains! Keep the zombies away from you as you build your defenses, and use as many weapons as possible such as gun turrets, to stay alive!

3.    Borderlands 2

We all know that shooting games feature very ironic and severe storylines. However, Borderlands 2 has turned the whole norm upside down!

Borderlands 2 is a shooting game that features a warzone filled to its head up with comedy!

In this game, your character is a Vault hunter. You find yourself looking for an alien vault on a planet that has barely any habitation on it.

Enjoy a thrilling adventure while finding and collecting your arsenal. This game features a lot of weapons that come with different stats and qualities.

4.    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you have been gaming since the early 2000s, then Call of Duty games are indeed one of your favorite games!

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Call of Duty had come a long way. Where the COD games used to feature WWII campaigns or modern-day combats, modern warfare has taken things to the next level!

This episode of Call of Duty takes you to a futuristic combat experience that feels highly captivating. Whether you want to enjoy the interactive first-player campaign or you want to spend some time playing multiplayer, this game is the perfect choice for any COD lover!

5.    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Some things only grow with time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the perfect example of this phenomenon. This game has plenty of users from all over the world. The average number of users who have played this game in the last 30 days is up to 529,139.7.

Now, considering how much CS: GO (as the people like to call it) has aged, this number is beyond impressive.

This FPS shooting game is a fast-paced action game that will keep you stuck to your computer screen all day long!

This game features two teams that compete to fulfill the objectives set by the game. Whichever team either eliminates the entire team first or completes the goal wins the game.

6.    Doom (2016)

A considerable number of people felt disappointed with the release of the original Doom game in 1993.

However, the new version of this game fixed the issues many gamers had in the past. This game exceeded the expectations of gamers all around the world!

While the concept of this game remains the same, this time, you’re put against demons on Mars.

As this game features a thrilling heavy metal soundtrack, expect gory and demon-killing gameplay!

7.    Doom Eternal

Coming with more weapons, incredible stage design, an impressive heavy metal score, and even more demons, Doom Eternal has us all feeling so excited!

Fight off demons that have invaded and captured the earth and force monsters to retreat as you play the character of Doom Slayer! (That’s the name of the character)

While this game features much more than its prequel, this game adds more to the mix as it includes killing demons in more brutal and gory methods.

8.    Gears 5

If you’ve played Gears of War, then this game is a continued episode of the series. While the title may have ditched the “of war” suffix from the name, this is still a pure war game!

As seen in GOW 4, this sequel also sees the coalition of government’s battle against the invading alien race.

This game is an absolute banger for the catching storyline that it features, and the fantastic shoot-and-cover mechanics add more to the chase.

If you prefer terrific graphics with a fantastic storyline, this is the shooting game you wouldn’t want to miss.

9.    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Imagine a game being so powerful that it can put a whole new console on the map. Halo was that game for Microsoft.

Usually, we know Microsoft for operating systems or other tools such as Microsoft Azure or Microsoft office. However, Microsoft has outdone most of the developers with the release of its HALO games.

These are exciting first-person shooting games. While there are many different HALO games out there, this is the absolute best of them all.

As this game happens to be a remake of a previously released game, you might be expecting some things.

And it’s safe to say that this game will not let you down! This game comes boasting 4K graphics as well as support for the ultrawide monitor. Not only that, but it also features functions that help you switch between classic and remastered visual styles.

10.   Superhot

When it comes to developing shooting games, tons of developers keep their focus on developing games that help maintain their status quo.

However, the superhot team has taken it upon itself to stand out from the crowd with this creative yet exciting shooting game!

Some would even say that Superhot is indeed one of the most innovative shooting games to come in a long time!

This game comes with its own set of puzzling elements. Coming as a pack of time-pausing mechanisms and addictive gameplay, you can expect some high-quality entertainment as you play this game!

Final Words

We understand that some people love shooting games a lot more than other people.

And hey, that’s okay! Everyone has different tastes. However, if you love shooting games, we can promise you some thrilling entertainment if you try out the games mentioned above!

As difficult as it was, here goes the list of the ten best shooting games you can try this year.

Do you think that we have left a fantastic game off from the list? Let us know in the comments!