In the 21st Century, the best Window Curtains are those that have a multi-tasking ability. The curtain need not only act as a decorative item. But also needs to be able to control the entry and exit of the room properly. If you think of a curtain with an elastic band along the top. Then you will get the idea of the multi-tasking ability of these curtains. There is no dearth of designs that can be found in the market for these curtains. This makes it easy to find the curtain of your choice.

The most common material used for manufacturing window curtains is polyester

Polyester comes in different forms such as crepe, matte or flat weave. All these options come in a huge range of colors, shades, patterns, and prints. They also vary in density, sheen or shine. The sheen of these window curtains Dubai tends to reflect the light thereby making it appear brighter.

Sheer window curtains can help reduce the glare of the sunlight by allowing diffused sunlight to pass through. This way the rooms will look brighter and more spacious. The same effect can be achieved using matte polyester fabric instead of the shiny kind. The polyester material also absorbs the sunlight for getting diffused in other areas of the house such as patios. With patio doors and windows face the sunlight direct one can definitely get the effect using the sheen white polyester fabric.

Another important element that is used for Window curtains is Curtains rods

These rods are made of two different materials such as iron and aluminum. The curtain rods made of iron can be easily manipulated with regard to size. On the other hand, the aluminum rods are very convenient for controlling the height of the window curtains. If you are looking for a contemporary touch. Then it would be better to go for the aluminum curtain rods as they come in many designs and colors.

The grommets are also important materials that are used for the window curtains

The best grommets in terms of function should be made of fiberglass. As they reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them from entering the rooms. It would be better if you choose the fiber-glass grommets. However, if you have old computers then it would be better if you use the metal grommets as they are rust-resistant.

Other important factors such as the pattern, color, and design play an important role in choosing the best window curtains. There are many patterns and colors to choose from when it comes to sheer window curtains which range from single tone to multiple tones. Some of the common patterns are checked linen, monotone, stripes, and plaids. If you want to add a personal touch to your curtains then it is preferable to go for the embroidered patterns.

Top 10 best window curtains in terms of their quality and design

The curtains need to be dried after each use and thus you have to hang them to dry. It is better to hang them to dry at the windows rather than hanging them in your room. If you want your window curtains to last long then it is better to hang them to dry in an area that is out of reach from windows. If you follow these tips then you can get your money’s worth as well as the best window curtains in the market.

Choose the best fabrics for window curtains

Choosing the best window curtains depends on the type of material. The most popular fabrics include cotton, polyester, silk, voile, and satin. But if you want to spend less and have more variety in terms of designs and colors then you can opt for bamboo or grass mats. If you want to buy a material that is hard to maintain then you can buy acrylic material or a semi-sheer material. But if you want to give your curtains a royal look then you should buy a sheer fabric.

If you are looking for window curtains that can bear the test of time then you should buy thermal material. This material is made up of layers of fabric that are trapped together by the presence of another layer of heat. The curtains will only become hot when exposed to direct sunlight for a short period of time. This type of curtain can bear cold water and stays cool even when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. If you want to buy curtains that are economical, you should buy polyester or velvet.


Patio doors are usually the subject of discussion among homeowners. But one thing you must remember is that if your patio doors are always open and let in lots of sunlight then they must be made up of some great choice of material for patio doors. A great choice of material for patio doors is either wood or vinyl. Both these types of materials are great choices for patio doors and if you have them made up properly then you can keep the heat and sun out of your home for a long period of time.