At present, businesses, both small and large, are leveraging data for their operations. There is an exponential growth in the volume of data generated and processed every day. Businesses that have access to the exact set of information can easily scale up profitability, revenue earning opportunities, and improve overall efficiency. Hence there is a massive requirement for business analytics experts and business analytics course online in the market. This article gives a comprehensive idea of business analytics and its advantages

Analytics refers to the study of information using operational and statistical methodologies. It helps in the creation of predictive models, communication modes, and optimization techniques. Business analytics make use of quantitative techniques for superior business modeling and decision-making.

Benefits of business analytics

Over the previous decade, there has been substantial growth in the IT sector. It is primarily due to the growing demand for business analytics tools. Currently, it has turn into one of the core aspects of business development. According to reports, over 50% of the industry has already incorporated business analytics tools. The incorporation of BI will completely transform the way organizations operate.

Business analytics tools

Following are some popular analytics tools. 

Clear analytics

It is a business management tool based on excel that comes with version control, governance, administrative control, report scheduling, and data sharing. Candidates familiar with Market Xcel will find this tool very handy. It also comes with BI features for automated analysis and visualization of data.


It is a highly efficient business analytics tool that allows businesses to access all information under a single dashboard. Microstrategy allows organizations to leverage data and create valuable insights. 


Sisense is a popular business analytics tool that helps in simplifying complex data processing. This tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Pentaho BI

It is one of the top-rated business analytics tools. Pentaho BI can collect information from different resources and transform the data into helpful insights. This is tool is specifically suitable for businesses that are thinking to scale up profits with accurate decision-making.

Application of business analytics

Business analytics has become an vital part of organizations across the globe. Following are some of the notable applications of business analytics.


Business analytics is an essential tool in the field of marketing. It helps in understanding vital trends and patterns in customer behavior. Businesses can identify target customers and potential markets with the help of a business analytics tool.

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Business analytics platforms are equally important in the finance sector. Financing companies use this tool for processing bulk data sets to gain valuable insights about customers.

Human resource

Human resource professionals are using business analytics tools for performing background checks. It helps them in getting vital information about the employees.


Business analytics plays a critical function in the manufacturing industry. Tasks like inventory management supply chain management performance target and mitigation are done using business analytics tools.

Today business analytics plays a imperative part in the growth and expansion of businesses. Businesses of all sizes are relying on business intelligence tools to improve efficiency and boost profitability. Students and professionals are looking to practice business analytics course online for better knowledge and experience. The growing competition in the market is compelling businesses to integrate business analytics in their framework.