In the era of technology, businesses around the world are now solely dependent upon technology. Availing the technology in business is very common nowadays as businesses worldwide are running due to data. The transfer of persuasive data is the pillar of a profitable business. The companies having persuasive data are more successful in business because they have the trust of their customers. Email is the most efficient way of sending and receiving data. Initially, no cybercrimes existed and hence there were no cyber security issues but as email grew, so did spam. Email receivers were not sure if the email was actually from an authentic source. So having a security system for your data became essential.                        

DMARC Report Analyzer                                                                            

Hackers used the email of your domain to send an email. The receiver would follow the directions in the email. This included the transfer of information or access to the database. This would ultimately cause damage to the company’s reputation as the hacker had the access to the domain’s sensitive data. It was a serious threat to the IT companies. Thus to encounter phishing in business and control cyber-crime a tool called the DMARC Report Analyzer was used.

In order to prevent cyber-crimes and make your email secure, DMARC can be used. DMARC stand for Domain- based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance. DMARC is an email authentication tool; it protects the domain against spoofing. It depicts the email coming from a domain.            


 The working is based upon two email authentication mechanisms which include DKIM and SPF Once DMARC is published. It would verify if the email is authentic based on instructions given by the domain if the email is authentic. It will be delivered further but if fraud is detected it takes extra steps by telling receiver server to reject or quarantine the email.

Purpose of DMARC

  • Dmarc allows your domain  to make policies on how to manage  the bogus email
  • It permits the email receivers to give reporting to the domain so that they can improve their system
  • It helps IT companies to prevent hacking of their data by tracking the hackers and gives information to the domain that who is trying to spoof their email.


Your email is the most treasured possession for your brand. In this case, DMARC is a beneficial tool. Due to it, the email is secure and the sender and receiver of the email are sure that the email is authentic and is not spam. Resultantly it restores confidence among the customer and company. It puts a positive impact on the company. Boosts business, the reputation of the company increased due to safe data. It provides domain owners to cope with unauthentic messages. The entire email system is more secure and reliable. As the email is authentic so it prevents data loss, data is secure in the email and safely transferred to the receiver.

Effective tool:

DMARC is an effective and efficient cyber security tool that prevents the cyber-crime and protects the domain against phishing.