There are many quizzes that you can use as a marketer, publisher or content creator. We receive a lot of questions about which quiz to use in what situation. A personality quiz could be used as a lead question, while a multiple-choice test can be used to assess the effectiveness of training sessions. You might want to host a trivia contest using a fun and engaging trivia maker. There are numerous benefits for this tool.

Types of Quizzes 

1. Quiz on Personality

Because you can use them in many different ways and for different purposes, personality quizzes are among the most popular types. Take, for example:

  • To learn more about your audience, embed a personality quiz in your blog or website.
  • To increase sales, you can choose the best product or service based on a set of questions.
  • Integrating a lead form into a highly engaging personality test can generate leads.

These personality quizzes are either educational, funny, or serious. These types of quizzes have titles like:

  • Which Salesperson are You?
  • Which Type of Animal are You?
  • Which product should I choose?

You can adapt a personality quiz to fit your particular situation. You don’t have to be afraid to try new types of personality tests and track the results to find which one resonates best with your audience.

2. Scored Quiz

Online tests and assessments often use a scored quiz (also known as a “tally” quiz).

Each question has a value. Your score and final result are calculated upon completion.

Your ability to complete the following tasks will determine whether you create a scoring quiz.

  • You can set a goal, such as measuring someone’s knowledge about a subject.
  • Make a list with questions that are related to the goal
  • Each answer should be assigned a point value
  • Make a table to judge the results based on your final point total.

Scored quizzes can be very powerful as respondents are guaranteed to get something in return; you can also create men type quiz made for women.

3. Multiple Choice Quiz

You probably remember multiple-choice (also called assessment) quizzes from school.

A question is presented to you along with a list of answers. Each question has one correct answer. The outcome is determined by the number of correct answers.

This is a multi-choice quiz that tests your knowledge of digital marketing.

Multiple choice quizzes can be used in many different ways. However, they are often most useful in educational and professional applications.

Answer Yes or No to the Quiz

This is the simplest type of assessment-based quiz. Although it is similar to multiple-choice questions, there are only two options.

  • Yes
  • No

It is a fast and adequate way to assess a person’s knowledge or get feedback. These are examples of questions that you could use to get feedback following a presentation by your company:

  • Do you think that you understood the main purpose of the presentation
  • Did you ever feel bored during the presentation?
  • Did you get everything you expected?
  • Did you ever feel confused during the presentation?
  • Are you able to identify the information easily?

To create an engaging and fun quiz, you can use yes/no questions. You can share it on your website or social media. These questions could be used to create a quiz if you are a brand manager for a travel company.

  • Is this a photograph of New York City?
  • Is New York City home to the Statue of Liberty?
  • Is New York City home to more than five million people?
  • New Your City is known for being the city that never sleeps.

One person can correctly answer all of them and is considered a New York City expert. A person who can only answer one or two of them correctly should brush up on their knowledge about the most populous city in America.


There you go. It’s now clear what quizzes you have and how to use them. Their various tools present online to start your first quiz. It takes only minutes!

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