Breathing in a world of science, where natural healing and therapies have been replaced with paracetamols and treatments, organic dietary is replaced with synthetic and deep-frozen instant products, and artificial fillers have taken the place of the historic and innate beauty treatments. 

But it’s one thing that hasn’t changed for the past many centuries. It’s the healing abilities of crystals extracted from the womb of mother nature that absorbs the divine energy of nature. As a result, the love for online energetic healing courses has seen a rise in the past five years. Healing energy is drawn from the universe, and the chakras distribute those cosmic energies inside our body to maintain a subtle balance of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. 

The chakra cleansing or healing crystals energize the mind to allow the holistic flow of nature and energy through each part of the body. So here we are, discussing various crystals known to heal various ailments of the body and instilling wisdom, fearlessness, and concentration within. 

The Red Jasper:

The Red Jasper is known to heal the Root Chakra from imbalanced and devastating problems related to negativity, eating disorders, lethargy, foot issues, and constipation. 


The bloodstone is known to cleanse the blood and mitigate any kidney or heart-related problems. 


The brownish-orange Carnelian stone is known to heal the Sacral Chakra. It eliminates the problems related to the reproductive area, including ovarian cysts, PMS, infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, and lack of sexual desires. 

Tiger eye:

Tiger eye crystal is known to balance the Manipur Chakra and attract confidence and self-esteem. The crystal also helps an individual to resolve digestive issues, ulcers, jaundice, and diabetes.

Rose Quartz:

The Rose Quartz is known to heal Anāhata or heart chakra that resonates the loving energy to heal relationships. Thus, this stone helps to induce compassion, love, and soft-heartedness.

Blue Lace Agate:

The Blue Agate is also called the communicating stone and is known to bring stability, calmness and balances the chaos, which is essential for communication.

Lapis Lazuli:

The blue Metamorphic Lapis Lazuli is known to improve the third eye chakra, which symbolizes consciousness of the brain’s two hemispheres. As a result, the stone can help relieve vision loss, headache, and several other brain-related diseases.


The most powerful and acknowledged crystal, it balances the Crown Chakra and creates universal knowledge, spiritualism, ecstasy, bliss, and understanding.
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