The Salesforce certification is one of the fastest-growing sought-after skills in the workplace which include administrators, project managers, solution architects, and sales and marketing personnel. It covers a wide number of roles. Salesforce certification is a proven skill set standard which is appreciated by the industry. It offers a great opportunity to empower your curriculum vitae regarding knowledge, expertise, hands-on experience, and achievements. There are three main categories of Salesforce certification which are designed for administrator, developer, and implementation experts of which each contains types of certification and various levels.

Today we will discuss the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam which is designed for Salesforce CPQ solution providers. This certification is globally recognized certification and will open the path for various lucrative career offers. You can avail all these advantages after passing the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam which is quite challenging. You have to put in some extra effort, time, and investment then you can pass this exam easily. During exam preparation, you can get help from Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Dumps and streamline your exam preparation plan and get success easily.

Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Overview

The certified Salesforce CPQ specialist credentials are designed for candidates who have hands-on experience and skill set to implement the Salesforce CPQ solution. The Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam is designed to target the Salesforce customers, partners, and employees who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing quoting flows through the Salesforce CPQ platform. This certification will enable you to organize bundle configurations, pricing, output documents, and renewals and amendments.

Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Format

The Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam format offers deep insights into the exam questions, exam questions pattern, the time duration, and the length of the time. This indeed assists you to make the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam preparation strategy and plan. The exam will be 60 multiple choice and multiple select questions which you have to complete in 105 minutes time duration. You need to get at least 65% scores to pass Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam. The exam registration is USD 200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law. The updated general information about Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam is available over the Salesforce certification platform. From where you can download easily.

Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Objectives

The Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam topics or syllabus is an important part of the Salesforce certification exam or any other exam. The exam topics outline makes sure that you have a clear understanding of the objective of the exam. Moreover, it covers all topics and details about the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam. It is a good strategy to have a clear understanding of these topics. The updated course outline is available on the official Salesforce certification page which you can download free of cost. However, for your assistance, we have given the updated list of Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam course outlines here.

  1. Bundle Configurations: 17%
  2. Pricing: 16%
  3. Quote Templates: 7%
  4. Product Selection: 7%
  5. Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals: 15%
  6. Products: 11%
  7. Approvals: 4%

How difficult is the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam?

There is a huge demand for Salesforce CPQ specialists in small, medium, and large-size enterprises. To fulfill this demand you have to pass the Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam which is one of the toughest Salesforce certifications in the market. You have to be vigilant and prepare well for the real exam in a systematic and smart way. You need the practice test and mock exam that help you to understand each topic deeply. Everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore attempting the ample number of PremiumDumps Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam questions will make you ready for the exam. We are quite confident that with the PremiumDumps Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Dumps you will get everything that you need to learn, prepare and pass the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam. Download Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Dumps now and starts exam preparation and you will surely get success in the exam. To stay ahead and be competitive earn the Salesforce certification badge and become a certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist. Let’s start practicing Now!