Electric and magnetic fields or EMFs are everywhere in your home and science suggests that overexposure can link to diseases such as childhood Leukemia. Electromagnetic radiation is a little-understood phenomenon with big effects.

If you are concerned about electromagnetic fields in your home you need to find accurate information. What is electromagnetic radiation? It is any sort of radiation or field emitted by an electronic device.

With the advent of technologies such as computers and cellphones, EMF radiation has become much more prevalent in our daily lives. Read on to find out five things you should know about EMFs and electromagnetism.

1. Electromagnetic Radiation Is Everywhere

All electronics give off some sort of electromagnetic field. From the computer or phone that you are reading this on to the microwave in your kitchen. Most levels of electromagnetic radiation are harmless to most people.

Younger children or those with health issues can be more at risk of overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. In general, your best bet is to avoid overusing electronics if you are concerned.

2. You Can Measure EMFs in Your Home

If you can quantify something it becomes easier to manage and EMFs are no exception. With recent technological breakthroughs, you can now measure the amount of EMFs in your home.

Measuring the amount of EMFs in your home is a great way to put your mind at ease if you have sensitivities to them, or if you have young children in your family. To learn more about measuring EMFs check out this article.

3. There Are Two Types of EMFs

The two main types of EMFs are ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation is the type that is harmful to humans. It comes in the form of X-rays, Gamma Rays, and sunlight.

Non-ionizing radiation is the type most often given off by your electronic devices. This includes things such as microwaves, radio frequencies, and visual light. Non-ionizing radiation doesn’t cause lasting harm in general.

4. You Can Minimize EMF Exposure

If you are concerned about the non-ionizing radiation given off by electronics you have plenty of options to abate them. The first is to eliminate any electronic devices from your sleeping quarters.

You spend the majority of your time at home sleeping so by taking this simple step you will be eliminating the majority of your EMF exposure. Another option is to cut down on your screen-time.

5. Power Lines Are EMF Heavy

One of the greatest producers of EMFs is high-energy power lines. If you are very concerned about EMFs and you live near high energy power lines you should move to a new location.

No matter how well you EMF-proof your household, if it is under power lines your actions will have as much weight as taking a glass of water from the ocean. Make sure to move away from power lines if you are concerned.

EMFs Are Part of the Modern World

Electromagnetic radiation is part of modern life as we surround ourselves with more and more electronic devices. It is paramount to your health and wellbeing that you know the difference between harmful EMFs and benign ones.

Use the information in this guide to manage the EMFs in your household the right way for your lifestyle. For all your other important news and information about a variety of topics check back with our website.