Do you want to help support your immune health? Do you struggle with swallowing supplements in pill or capsule form? Thankfully, you have options for maintaining a strong immune system. Vitamin C powder can offer the immune support you need without having to swallow a pill.

Vitamin C powder provides powerful antioxidant support for your immune health in a highly absorbable, easy to swallow form.

 We will go over the benefits of taking a vitamin C powder rather than a capsule for immune support and how it can provide your immune system with powerful support.

What is the Difference Between Vitamin C Powder and Vitamin C Capsules?

Other than the obvious visual difference in how a vitamin C powder or capsule looks, there are several other aspects that set these two antioxidant delivery systems apart.

Vitamin C powder provides a flavorful beverage. 

This can offer a more pleasant experience when taking your daily supplements. Rather than swallowing down a handful of capsules or tablets, you can enjoy an invigorating citrus-flavored drink. For some people, taking multiple supplements in pill form can lead to discomfort. The ability to add supplements to a beverage can make it easier to maintain a nutritional supplement regimen. As an added bonus, the flavor and aroma of citrus can be uplifting.

Vitamin C powder is easier to swallow. 

Some people struggle with swallowing supplements in capsule form. Some supplements come in large tablets that can be tough to choke down. In some cases, people may break open capsules and pour the contents into a beverage when they are unable to swallow pills. However, the contents of many supplements are often highly unpalatable so drinking it may be very unpleasant. Vitamin C powder removes the capsule from the equation and is specifically designed to be mixed into a beverage. You will find a variety of tasty flavors used in vitamin C powders, often featuring fresh citrusy flavors and aromas.  

Vitamin C powder offers flexibility in how it is consumed. 

Because of their sweet flavor, they can simply be mixed into water. If you prefer, you can stir them into fruit juice which will give it a sweeter, citrusy taste. If you enjoy a smoothie for breakfast, you could also blend your vitamin C powder into your shake to get your dose of immune support with your first meal of the day.

Vitamin C powder makes it easier to pack a larger dose of vitamin C into each serving.

Since the vitamin C is being dissolved into a liquid, a higher amount of the antioxidant can be used per serving. When tablets or capsules are used, you may need larger pills or more pills per serving which can be undesirable, especially for those who have trouble swallowing pills.

USANA Booster C 600 Can Help Support a Healthy Immune System

USANA Booster C 600 is an immune-support supplement you will enjoy taking. Each individually packaged stick pack is easily dissolved into water or juice for your convenience. The pleasant lemon-berry flavor will transform your plain water into a delightful beverage as you enjoy supporting your healthy immune system without worries about trying to swallow a large capsule.

USANA Booster C 600 delivers a generous 600 mg dose of vitamin C in its Poly C blend which equates to an impressive 1000% of the daily recommended value. The proprietary Poly C blend combined with ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate helps to maintain your body’s levels of vitamin C better than ascorbic acid alone. With the addition of zinc, black elderberry extract, and echinacea extract, you can feel confident that you are providing your immune system with optimal support in a great-tasting, easy-to-use formula.