How many times per day do you lock your phone using password or pin pattern often? how about I’ll inform you that Google has developed the Google Smart Lock for a long time. It lets you unlock your phone or Chromebook without requiring an encryption code or pin pattern. Cool, right? the user only needs to define a set of set of criteria to be able to unlock your smartphone or chromebook without entering a password until the time of a specific. Just a couple of taps.

What Is The Google Smart Lock

Google smart locks is a security system designed by Google that aims to allow users to be able to access their devices faster. You don’t have to be concerned about security when you’re away from your home and do not want to type in your password each time you turn on your phone. Google has solved this issue by introducing an Google Smart Lock that you do not have to worry about since this feature will allow you to return to the normal security in public locations.

Three Distinct Types Of Smart Locks That Google Has Developed

  • Smart lock designed for Android
  • Smart lock to protect passwords
  • Smart lock for Chromebook

After you have a better understanding of what Google Smart Lock mean, let’s take a look at the features offered by Google Smart Lock :

The On-Body Detection

This amazing feature means that your smartphone will not be locked for as long as you hold it in your hands or in your pocket. When you place your phone down or place it somewhere else. It will automatically lock itself as normal security, which doesn’t allow unauthorized access.

Trusted Device

The amazing feature allows users to connect their mobile phone with a bluetooth device such as Smartwatch Fitness bands airports which can be trusted after you have paid for your device using them. Your phone will remain unlocked until the device is disconnected or when it has been inactive for four hours.

Trusted Place

This feature allows the user to select a place like their office or their home in which their phone is locked. Once you leave that location. the phone will lock automatically after 4 hours of no activity on your phone.

Tusted face

The face recognition feature isn’t a new feature in the Android world. Google Smart Lock also allows the option to unlock your phone using facial recognition. There are some issues with this feature, as you can use the device to steal your image or a computer-generated mask, however Google has been working on this feature, and the new version has been improved but the facial recognition function is not as secure than traditional pin or passwords.

Trusted voice match

The reliable voicemail feature lets you unlock your phone using voice recognition, but due to the voice generated by AI, this feature isn’t the most secure choice you can use for security purposes on an Android device, as we are aware that voice messages can’t be encrypted. This means it is not a suitable choice for security reasons.

Google Smart log Google Smart log allows you to connect to your phone in a faster manner while working from home or using your smartphone on tested devices without changing the password. However, as we all know there are some disadvantages to technology, and the same is true for Facebook users across the globe are having issues when accessing Facebook with Google Smart Lock. Google Smart Lock.

The autopilot auction for the Facebook password allowed anyone to gain access account of another who is on the device, people have beginning to disable Google Smart Lock. Google Smart Lock from their Facebook . The first step is to delete the Facebook passwords from Google.

To do this, you need to go to Device settings, then go to the Google Click on the password manager, then you have to navigate to security. Then you must click on the password manager. Now you need to search and click the Facebook option. On the next screen. There you will see your Facebook password. must delete it.

What Is It? Google Smart Lock On Android

Google smart lock for Android means that Android users can benefit from these incredible options along with Google Smart Lock on their Android device. It can be used with the body detection feature to protect their phone and also to gain access to it quickly users can make use of the trusted device option, where they can pair their mobile to the Bluetooth device, and it will remain unlocked until being removed. The third option is a trusted location feature that allows users to choose an area in which the smartphone remains unlocked, and when they leave the location, it will automatically lock .

Let’s look at how to make the smart lock work on your Android smartphone:

  • Open your device settings
  • Visit the security option
  • Select the advanced setting.
  • Select to select the Google Smart log option

For verification, input your passcode or screen lock

There are three options for the body detection of trusted locations or devices that are trusted. You can select any of them you’re interested in.

Follow the on screen instructions to activate the Smart Lock


How can you remove count from Google Smart Lock

To erase the account on Google Smart Lock to delete the account, you need open your browser in Chrome and log in the Google account. On the top right hand corner of your screen. You need to click on three dots, then go to your settings. After selecting settings click on the advance button under the passwords section, choose the Manage Password option. Then, you can search for the site or app that you wish to delete your login information and then click delete. This will remove your login details. Close all tabs and windows.

Can I make use of Google smart lock with Chromebook?

Yes, Google Smart Log feature has been developed to work with Android and Chromebook so that it is easy to log into your device to access this feature, you must connect your smartphone to the internet and the phone must be unlocked and bluetooth connection that is on. Once you have it is possible to connect the smart lock to your Chromebook to turn off or turn on the smart lock in your chromebook. To do this, go to the lower right-hand corner of your chromebook, and choose the time and then the option until you have connected devices are visible. To see your smartphone. To do this, click on the phone and then turn the smart lock is turned on or off.