YouTube is among the most popular video streaming platform globally and an excellent platform for posting or watching videos of your choice, whether it is tutorials or cooking, or anything else that is used to promote your business. But sometimes you face a problem of no sound on YouTube, as it is the most common problem. Then you get stuck on how to recover from this problem, and it makes your experience quite frustrating. It may be an issue with either your system or web browser. Resolving these issues may bring back the sound of videos.

Steps to fix the problem

 Let’s start with the steps to fix the issue

  1. The first thing you have to do is to check the volume settings on YouTube, whether it is muted or not. Check this in the bottom left corner of YouTube to ensure the volume icon is not muted.
  2. Next, check the volume control of your device and whether the speaker is muted or not at the lowest corner of the screen. If not, then proceed to the next.
  3. Update Adobe Flash Player to the latest version, Sometimes flash player may also be the cause of no sound issue.
  4. If the still problem remains, restart your device. No sound problem may be resolved by this.
  5. Check the speaker or headphone is properly inserted or not.
  6. Update your sound card driver, the problem may be resolved.
  7. If you have installed any antivirus software, it may hinder the flash payer. Verify that the security software you are using allows the third-party content to access the internet. 

As YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform, no sound issue is frustrating while watching videos. I hope this post was helpful to you for enjoying videos of your choice with sound.

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