Pivot shower doors, also known as hinged doors, are swing doors that are the most popular choice for shower enclosures. You may already know that shower doors have an important role in providing entrance into the shower area. The other benefits may include preventing the water from splashing out and improving the bathroom’s overall look. But you may have many questions related to shower doors. For example, why are there so many door options available in the market? And how these differ from each other in terms of style and utility. There is a lot to know about all of them before moving ahead with their purchase. 

Here we are discussing how a pivot door can give your bathroom a facelift.

Understanding Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors are also known as hinge doors because they operate on two iron hinges. One iron hinge attaches upside while the other one at the bottom. That makes it open the door at a 90-degree angle. As this door swing on the hinges to open outwards and inwards, we can also name it the swinging door. So, it is simple in design and somewhat similar to any house door in the working mechanism. 

Pivot Shower Doors are Suitable for Larger Opening 

Higher-end and luxury shower enclosures usually have large openings. That means a large compatible door will be suitable for such enclosures. The pivot shower doors are an appropriate design in this case. You may also have a large opening of the shower area if you only need to convert your shower area into the enclosure. That is especially when you have two or three sides walls, with a glass shower door required to cover the entrance. 

Better Option for Elderly and Disabled

The elderly and disabled usually need a shower area that is more accessible. A pivot door is the same as any other door in a home that makes it easier to operate. It’s larger opening also makes it more accessible for people who feel it difficult to operate sliding or bi-fold options. So, if you have any such person in your household who needs assistance in moving, then pivot doors can be an appropriate option for them.

Suitable for Medium and Lager Shower Areas 

Pivot shower doors open completely at a 90-degree angle. That means there is substantial clearance space required for opening and closing. Therefore, we suggest not to use these doors with small shower enclosures or areas. Even if you opt to open the door inwards, it will still restrict the area’s space, making it difficult to use. You may have better options like sliding or bifold doors for the small shower area. So, use pivot doors in medium or large bathrooms to make the most out of it.

Aesthetically Pleasing Contemporary Design  

A pivot door can give your entire bathroom a facelift with its beautiful design. Due to its simple operation, you compliment well with both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs. You may further improve the look of the bathroom by turning it into a revolving door. That will only be possible with iron hinges fixed in the middle of the door on up and downsides. However, you must remember that your enclosure should be big enough for such a stylish option to make it easier for you to enter the shower area. 

Buy Pivot Shower Doors from Royal Bathrooms UK

In the last section, we have discussed the various benefits of pivot shower doors. It can no doubt be a stylish option that provides easy access to the shower area. But it is more suitable for medium and large bathrooms. You will need to make sure that you buy a pivot door with a suitable shower tray and enclosure at the same time. If you try to buy all these items separately, it may create fitting and compatibility problems. It is also important that you find a reliable vendor to buy better quality bathroom fittings and fixtures.