Every little piece adds to the comfy feeling you get at home. Anything and everything ranging from vibrant art pieces to textured furniture play a role to add value to your room. While designing your interiors, accent tables have a significant role to play. Along with the functionality, they also bring a flair of style to the room. 

Choosing the right centre table for the living room can be a daunting choice. Select something that goes well with your decor. This blog brings you tips on how you can choose the right accent table for your room. So, let’s get started! 

Why choose a centre table for your living room? 

Some furniture pieces just add aesthetics to your space. While some serve the purpose of both functionality and fashion. Accent tables are one of them. Several home decoration stores online offer eccentric accent tables that can also serve as a side table for the living room. There are a number of options in different colours and styles to confuse you. So, before you hunt for the perfect centre table for your living room, learn which one will suit your room best. 

Fashion as well as function

The primary thing to consider is the purpose of your accent table. Do you want to add it to your living room to bring an aesthetic value or functional value or both? Choose a piece that catches everyone’s eyes. Keep in mind the space, colour, shape and design that will suit your room best. 

Consider the colour palette 

Before you buy a centre table for your living room, consider the colour palette of the room. You’ll find a number of options on various home decoration stores online and choosing the right one can be a tough choice. Decide if you want your accent table to blend easily with your room decor or if you want to colour pop. If you want it to subtly complement your room, go for neutrals like white, grey, brown and ivory. For colour-popping, choose loud colours like black, blue, yellow, etc. 

Know your room style

Though accent tables go well with almost all types of interiors, you must still consider the style that suits your room best. Your interiors will define the kind of centre table you should keep in the room. The colour and style of your centre table for the living room will depend on the kind of interiors you have. If your room is modern and elegant, the style of your centre table will also be sleek and modern. For vintage homes, go for an extravagant rustic piece that suits your room well. 

Size of the table

The size of the table is about both – aesthetics and function. The size of the table should be taken into account according to the style of the room. Large tables look amazing in vintage rooms. While for modern homes, smaller tables look lavish and elegant. The size also depends on the function you want it to serve. If you want to keep showpieces or flower vases on your table, they should be large. Whereas, if you don’t want to keep anything on it, choose a smaller one. To be used as coffee tables, small centre tables are the best. 

Use as a side table

Your accent table must not necessarily be the centre table. It can also be a side table for your living room. A side table has more functional value than aesthetic value. It must surely be as elegant as other furniture but it moreover serves the purpose of keeping your things stacked on the side table. You can grace a side table in your living room with flower vases or showpieces that add flair to your room. You can also let the side table stand solitary without any showpiece to make the most of the area they provide. 

Type of material of accent table

There are a variety of materials for accent tables available in the market. Ranging from marble finished tables to wooden tables, you’ll get a number of options to choose from. If you have a retro style room, you can choose a wooden accent table while for modern homes marble finish tables look chic. Marble accent tables have a subtle eccentricity and charm in themselves. They mark sophistication and style in every finish. 

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