One of the best ways to get out of debt is to find a higher paying job than the one you currently have. More income means you have more money to pay toward your debt, allowing you to climb out of your hole more quickly. While there are companies like York Credit Services that can help you get out of debt without getting another job, here are three job possibilities that might be able to increase your payday.

Police Officer

Even though law enforcement has a reputation of being a low-paying industry, it is still one of the better options if you are looking to change careers without getting more education. The minimum requirement for becoming a police officer in most places is a high school degree, so you can apply to a position with police departments if you don’t have a college degree or if you have a college degree in another field.

If you’re struggling in a minimum wage job, consider applying to be a police officer. You’ll increase your pay quite a bit and you’ll have a career path that can take you in a variety of directions. This job can be physically demanding at times, so you may need to pass a physical as part of the hiring process, but once you’re hired, you can be promoted fairly quickly.

Gaming Manager

If you’re looking for a job in a fun environment that pays well, look no further than at a gaming manager at a casino. You’ll have to live in a province where gambling is legal, but for those who enjoy a fast-paced job that involves gambling, this is a perfect choice. A high school diploma is required for most casino positions, and you’ll probably have to start out in a lower position than a gaming manager, but promotions happen quickly in the gaming industry, which is growing at a fast rate.

Most of the education you’ll need to be a gaming manager will be obtained on the job itself, which is ideal for anyone who wants to get started in a higher-paying job without spending a long time in university. You will probably have to pass a background check, since a lot of money is involved in this position, but once you’re in the industry, you can go pretty far.

Electrical Power Line Installer and Repairer

Adventure and danger accompany the job role of electrical power line installer and repairer. The dangerous nature of this job is why it pays so well, but at the very minimum, you know you’ll never be bored in this position. You’ll be responsible for installing new power lines and repairing those that get damaged during a storm or other natural disaster. The danger comes both from dealing with electricity and from working at great heights, but if you can manage those fears, you can also make a very comfortable living.


Whether you need a higher paying job to pay down debt or because you want to live a little more extravagantly, the three jobs listed here can help make your goal a reality. You don’t need to spend more money on additional education and you can get started right away, which can make a big difference in your finances.