The question that the vast majority of you are usually interested in having solved if you are thinking about making paintball your primary or supplementary source of income. Or, if you are intrigued by the possibility of earning a living through participation in a sport as thrilling and exciting as paintball, but you were previously unaware of such a possibility.

In every pro sport, various payments are determined by a player’s skill level and value to the respective club. According to data collected by, the lowest 10 percent of professional paintball players in the United States earn an average of $36,000 a year.

If you are skilled enough to finish in the top 10 percent of your sport, you can estimate earning somewhere in the region of $165,000 as a paycheck.

If you want a continuous average of what the regular professional paintballer makes yearly, you’re looking at around $77,000 as a starting point for your calculation.

It doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to happen in the first place. It is undeniably a benefit to get paid more than the typical individual to participate in an enjoyable activity.

However, these numbers don’t show how much money you can make by playing paintball games. These paintballers make a significant portion of their income from various sponsorships and advertising opportunities. Sponsorship makes up a significant portion of professional paintballers’ annual income, bringing in an average of about $40,000.

Who is the world’s best paintball player?

Different sources and recent statistics indicate that Oliver Lang is the #1 paintball player in the world. He was born in America and is now 39 years old; he has won many trophies, broken many medals, and broken many paintball records.

Lang was only 22 years old in 2005 when he was named “International Paintball Player of the Year.” He has the most professional paintball victories and is the top player on the strongest squad in the history of the sport.

The best pro Paintballers:

According to current reports, Oliver Lang is the world’s top paintball player. Hence he leads this list. However, there are several additional outstanding players noteworthy in no particular order.

Konstantin Fedorov

Moscow, Russia native Fedorov, now 39, has carved out a name for himself in the world of competitive paintball. In 2006, he got his first notable victory when playing for the Russian Legion at the World Cup.

Konstantin Fedorov, who began playing paintball at 14 and competed in his first national tournament at 15, is qualified to be on this list.

Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan, who is now 40 years old and was born in the city of Sebastopol, California, on February 25, 1982, is the founder of the professional paintball squad known as the San Diego Dynasty.

This team has amassed the most victories in the annals of professional paintball competition. At the 2010 Australian Masters, which took place in Sydney, Australia, Greenspan was honored with the title “Ambassador of the Sport.”

Dave Bains

Dave Bains, a paintballer from the United States who plays professionally, is considered the best center player the game will ever see because he has played for various teams and collected 22 championships in the past ten years.

His professional achievements and long record have unquestionably earned him a spot among the sport’s all-time greats. He is currently gradually shifting into the role of coaching rather than playing.

Colt Roberts

Paintballer Colt Roberts is a member of the San Antonio X-Factor and competes at a professional level. His ‘s birthday is May 12th, 1982, and he was born in San Diego, California, in the United States. In 2006, he was named an NXL All-Star; in 2008, he won the National Professional Paintball Champions League in Huntington Beach.

In 2013, he was a member of the same team that won the Paintball Sports Promotions World Cup. Roberts has earned his place among the top paintball professionals.

Archie Montemayor

Archie is one of the best people his age at playing paintball. He is from Texas, and in 2014 he was also named the PSP League’s MVP. In 2019, he was chosen as the NXL’s MVP.

During the 2019 championship run of his team (X-Factor), he also won some hardware. In addition to that, he is a partner in other businesses in Austin, Texas, where he presently resides.

Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards is a legendary player with the Tampa Bay Damage and a native Floridian. Edwards is renowned for his extraordinary paintball intelligence and outrageous paintball gun skills.

He knows what it takes to fight at the top professional level as the old head of very healthy teams like the Miami Rage, Miami Effect, and Philly Americans.

Is a paintball business profitable?

The single charge per participant can range between $30 and $50. Participants often purchase the paintballs used during the game. Even if only open on weekends, this firm may easily earn profits in the $20,000 to $30,000 area each year.


An ordinary paintball player could run into some outstanding professional paintball players when participating in amateur games. These sportsmen are superior to their peers. Nevertheless, there are players.

Who are several levels above that, who play professionally and make more than 36,000 dollars annually?

Even though Oliver Lang, the most well-known professional paintballer, makes a six-figure wage, many other players are capable of competing with him.

If you devote enough time and effort to improving your paintball skills, you could be able to make a living playing the sport professionally. You must work just like any other job to get to the top.