Running can be a great way to boost your energy levels — the breeze in your hair; the thump as your feet strike the ground, the feeling of satisfaction once you’ve achieved your goalit’s thrilling and refreshing. Did you realize that running can aid in improving your overall health in many ways other than doing your best to get a exercise in?

Find motivation and inspiration to run your next race while discovering different ways that running can improve your well-being.

Running Lowers Your Risk From Heart Disease

You may notice your heart pumping as well as your rate rising up when you run. Don’t fret, this can actually boost the health of your heart. Aiming to run for at least 10 minutes per day can drastically reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Based on the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that running can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 45percent.

Running can improve the blood pressure of your HDL cholesterol, and blood sugar sensitivities. Also, it reduces your resting heart rate. This is an vital gauge of your overall fitness and health. If your heart beat is lower the more healthy and efficient your heartbeat!

Running Helps Improve Your Knee, Back And Joint Health

If you’re a seasoned running You may be told to “watch the joints” when you run, however, the results of a study of 675 marathoners discovered lower levels of arthritis and improved joint health compared to people who do not exercise often. In addition to improving joint health, exercises that are high impact  increase bone growth and boosts bones mineralization. As you age running is an excellent option to keep your body active and healthy if you wish to prevent fractures and remain active.

Running Lowers Your Risk Of Cancer

Numerous studies have proven that exercising regularly reduces the risk of certain types of cancers. Based on the National Cancer Institute, running and other cardiovascular exercises may reduce bladder, stomach, colon, and breast cancer risks., as well as endometrial and gastric. Although other factors like the history of your family and health issues are a major factor in the risk of developing cancer wearing the running footwear and taking a run can help protect your long-term health and lower the risk of developing.

Running Improves Your Sleep

A restful night is crucial for overall well-being. Researchers from Hopkins Medical Center found that running can aid in falling more quickly to sleep and enhance your the quality of your sleep. But, you should avoid exercising at night in the day because aerobic activities, such as running, trigger the release of endorphins which stimulate your brain, which could prevent you from getting. If you’re seeking to enhance your sleep take a trip out for a short running in the early morning hours or in the early afternoon, and let the tension disappear.

Tips For Running Safely And Healthily

With such a wide range of health benefits that you may be considering taking a hike for a quick run right in the present. Make sure you run in a safe manner to avoid injuries or straining yourself. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your running in a safe manner:

  • Don’t run right after eating
  • Do not play your music too loudly. Make sure you’re vigilant and aware of the world all around you.
  • Take plenty of fluids before and after your run
  • Pause regularly and pay attention to your body
  • Let someone know where you intend to run and when you plan to return
  • If you are injured you run into an injury, stop and seek medical attention right away

With these simple guidelines If you follow these easy tips, you can take advantage of your running and feel confident that you’ll remain secure while improving your overall health.

Keeps You Running

If you’re trying to improve your runs on a daily basis or have injured yourself during a run or jog, we’ll help keep you on the track. We are at Advent Health Sports Med and Rehab we offer a caring and professional service to get you up and running in the running shoe.