A breakup can cause anxiety and cause hindrance in everyday life activities. It can affect personal and professional life. Therefore, it is essential to think rationally and be optimistic regarding the future. However, most people struggle and are cannot cope with rejection and change. Therefore, it is best to consult a psychologist who can help in changing perception and guide you towards the next step in life. People who want to consult verified, experienced, and reliable psychologist should book their appointment through oladoc.com.

  • Denial Is Not the Solution: 

Denial is the coping mechanism that people choose to forget their problems. It is an unhealthy way of dealing with a breakup. They live in disbelief and struggle to come up with practical solutions. They should accept the relationship status, take time to grieve, and then make a rational decision. 

  • Stay Positive and Focus on Heath 

A breakup can lead to anxiety and depression. People with mental disorders cannot keep up with their physical hygiene and struggle to remain productive. The person should try to stay positive, eat healthily, and join a gym to maintain their physical health.

  • Share your Feeling 

Bottling up feelings can cause stress and deteriorate physical health. It is essential to talk to a close friend or family member. People should choose to confide in the person; who can listen to their feelings and support them without judgment. The support helps the person to find hope for a better future.

  • No Drugs

To deal with the emotional pain, people often get in the habit of consuming alcohol and drugs. Peers, friends, and family should help the person deal with the pain, rather than letting him get into drugs. Drugs and alcohol can cause multiple physical illnesses; hence, it is better to understand the longtime consequences of actions.

  • Change Your Routine; Try New Activities

A breakup can hinder personal and professional growth. The person is more likely to spend time being socially isolated. Therefore, the best way is to find a sport or support group. The activities will help the person socialize, become productive and explore their interests, which can help them move in the right direction.

  • Think of What comes Next!

Having an optimistic approach help overcome problems in life. The person should think of personal and professional goals and work hard to achieve them.

  • Grieving is Fine

People should realize that grieving is a part of healing. Rather than bottling up the feeling, the person should take some days off, grieve and then start thinking of a practical and positive approach towards the future.

  • Don’t become a Stalker!

It is essential to let go of the past and focus on the future. People going through a relationship breakup often find themselves stalking their ex-partner on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. The person should realize that it will cause anxiety and hinder their performance. The change and success can cause jealousy along with stress and anxiety. Hence, they should take a brief break from using social media.

  • Meet Friends and Family rather than Socially isolating Yourself!

Social Isolation will add up to anxiety. After a brief break, the person must find the courage and start looking to build new relationships. They should attend family gatherings and friend parties to feel better and more positive about themselves and the future.

  • Make a Journal

People struggle to express themselves in front of their loved ones. It is best to get a journal and start writing about their feelings. It will help the emotions to regulate and accept the breakup.

  • Talk to a Professional

If the person feels that they cannot express themselves and anxiety is leading to depression, they must visit the best psychologist in Karachi. The specialist will help the person cope and function adequately in various aspects of life.