Are you just beginning to create the design for your bathroom renovation in Lima, OH but are overwhelmed by the number of countertop options available? You will be staring at the surface every morning for years. How do you pick the one piece of stone that will make you smile every time you walk into the room?

Pick the One that Grabs Your Attention

The first thing to do is visit our beautiful showroom at Legacy Marble & Granite in nearby Findlay, OH. Spend some time with our complete selection of slabs in granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite. Focus only on the visual appeal of each piece. If a simple, consistent off-white leaves you unimpressed, skip to the next item. When you want to touch it and savor its luxurious appearance, that’s the one for your bathroom!

Compare the Granite or Quartz Slab with Fixtures and Finishes

Once you have a slab in mind, place your cabinet, flooring, and wall samples next to it. If it doesn’t work, would you rather change out the vanity or opt for a less busy floor tile? If the countertop has stolen your heart, adjusting the rest of the design is easy at this point of the project.

Will the Granite Countertop Work Well for Your Family?

Is this bathroom countertop part of your new master ensuite or are you upgrading the kids’ space? While granite is extremely durable and will resist stains when properly sealed, it may come under fire when subjected to teen makeup experiments. You may want to reserve the sumptuous white marble for your private use and select a stone better able to hide accidents for the powder room. Once you have determined that the quartz or granite countertop is the perfect surface, move on to the final step.

Consider Close Seconds to Zero-In On Your Final Design

You know that this slab really speaks to your heart. It nicely complements your faucets, bath tile, backsplash, wall color, flooring, and even the lighting. But is there another choice hiding in the depths of the showroom? Take another stroll and play devil’s advocate by selecting another slab that is similar. Try out all your samples. Is it just as good? Better? Or is it missing the mark?

When you discard all the other options, you are ready to finalize your order.

Schedule Your Template Measurement and Installation

Your custom granite or quartz countertop will be one of the last pieces installed in your newly renovated bathroom. We will put your slab aside while your contractor completes the flooring, walls, electrical, plumbing, and cabinetry in your Lima, OH home. Once your vanity is installed, we visit your home and take an exact template. At the shop, the slab that you love will be precisely cut. We then return and position it in its final place.

Ultimately, stop second-guessing your inner decorator. The professionals at Legacy Marble & Granite support your ability to spot the one piece of quartz or granite that really speaks to your sense of style. Once it is installed, it is like living with a fine piece of art in your Lima, OH home every day of the year.