Imagine yourself standing in a cosmetic shop surrounded with numerous options but still you are pondering over the variety. There are so many factors that would occur in your mind such as – if it would go well with your outfits, would it complement the skin tone, about the finishing touch etc. Hence, all these questions will leave you in a quandary. Digging out the ideal lipstick shade for yourself out of captivating options is no less than picking up a needle from haystack.

There are some ground rules that can be followed to always put your hands on the right lip shade. Follow the below mentioned tips which would lead you to your ideal crayon lipstick without spending much of the time –

  1. Find your skin tone and complexion–There can be number of ways to determine your skin tone. It can be classified under – Fair, medium, and tanned skin complexion. You can focus on the following areas of the body to find out yours –
  2. Watch your skin around the jawline, and forehead. A fair skin type is supposed to be light and pale. Wherein the neutral and warm skin color is supposed to be ineffective to the body tans and burns. It is comparatively tanned in all the seasons.
  3. Second and the most effective methodology is to study the veins in your hand. It will help to determine and conclude your skin tone. The tones are classified into – warm, neutral, and cool skin tone. If the veins are easily visible in the color of blue, then you fall under cool category. Incase of green veins, warm category and when you are unable to decide then go for neutral skin tone.

This test of yours will help you pick the best crayon lipstick for usage.

Try exploring the lip shades in accordance with your skin tone

  1. For fair skin and warm undertones try to go for neutral shades, pink and peach colors. You can always trust Faces Canada matte lipstick for neutral and pink shades. All the products have creamy texture, which hydrates the lips. It stays on for even long and one stroke is perfectly enough for the lips. All the products that are delivered from the brand are cruelty and paraben free making them even more skin friendly.
  2. If your skin type matches to neutral and warm undertones, try to pick up shades of red, or copper colors in your crayon lipstick.
  3. In case of tanned and neutral skin tone – always go for brown, walnut or purple shade which will be best suited to you.

One universal lipstick crayon that would go with all the outfits, skin tones and complexion is red. You can buy it without worrying further.

Keep in mind these magical hacks while buying your lipstick –

  1. If you want your lips to look fuller, try to go for light shades such as – peach, light pink etc. On the contrary, if you want your lips to look smaller, then apply dark shades such as – brown, purple etc.
  2. Always select a crayon lipstick which is a shade or two shades darker than your natural lip color. The best way is to test a crayon lipstick on either of your lips and then compare with the other one. This way, you will get to know if it complements your skin tone and is darker than your natural lip color. If there is too much difference, then keep digging. You may trust Faces Canada matte lipstick as it has wide variety of shades ranging from promising pink, ravishing wine till stay neutral.
  3. Always try to find the right lip shade among the one color. Even red has multiple shades and not all the crayons would compliment your skin tone. So be wise with that and first experiment with different shades under one color family. Apply those under bright light area and then decide for yourself. Make sure to remove the previous lip shade properly.

Consider these marvelous tricks and hacks that would lead you to your ideal crayon lipstick.