Maharashtra State Eligibility Test, aka MH SET, is a national-level entrance examination to hire talents as Assistant Professors in colleges across Maharashtra and Goa. The exam is conducted by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) for 32 subjects.

The MH SET 2021 Exam tests the appearing individual within a 3-hour span, with 150 questions. Students have to answer a total of 150 questions within the 3-hour span. To make the preparation a little fiercer, the MH SET 2021 requires writing two papers – Paper I and Paper II.

Since the examination tests university-level teaching abilities of an individual, the organizing body has kept The Paper I as a general paper with subjects like Teaching and Research Aptitude Questions. Candidates can follow their subject for Paper-II.

Maharashtra SET 2021 preparation strategy

The MH SET 2021 opens ample opportunities for an academic career. It can land you as an assistant professor to one of the best universities in Maharashtra and Goa.

Aspirants are applying all over the country to showcase their talent in their respective streams. Through this examination, the organizing body tests the depth and knowledge of a candidate.

If you are aspiring for a good foothold as an assistant professor in any colleges of Maharashtra and Goa, you must know the Maharashtra SET 2021 preparation strategy very well. Here are some preparation strategies to build a powerful foundation for MH SET 2021.

  1. Go Through the Syllabus very well

Paying full attention to each and every topic will set your priorities right. The syllabus for any national-level exams is always lengthy. MH SET 2021 is not exceptional. Here are some benefits of understanding the syllabus very well:

  • You will get a good grip on all the topics.
  • It helps you understand your strong and moderate subjects.
  • Helps to make a better study plan
  • It gives you a better idea of the number of subjects.
  1. Prepare your Notes

Cracking national-level examination looks seamless because of the abundant resource available on the internet. You can easily follow them for a quick study session. The best Maharashtra SET 2021 preparation strategy is to make your own notes. It helps you remember the smallest thing very well. Keeping the notes handy also makes accessing all the topics very easy. However, it is better to use simple words instead of copying the book.

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Do you know that one secret of leading national level exam like MH SET 2021? Make mock tests, sample papers, and previous years’ questions your best friend while you are preparing. Solve as much as you can. Solving builds better accuracy, speed, and clarity of concept. It also gives you a better idea to understand the paper, question pattern, and difficulty level for every year.

  1. Use a Timer

Tests are tests! Whether you are practicing at home, or at a coaching center, the time-bound environment makes every student push their limits and give their best. Using timers for writing tests increases accuracy, and speed.

  1. Track your Progress

It is absolutely all right if you are unfocused, distracted, and de-motivated on the first day of preparation. You will get better with time if you track your progress. Set weekly plans to finish parts of the syllabus. Try to meet the deadlines.  

Useful MH SET exam study tips for Paper I

To gather maximum knowledge on the subjects and become successful in MH SET 2021 Exam, one must have a good grip on their subject. Paper-II is all about the subject you have studied since the first year of your Bachelor’s Degree. Paper-I needs special attention for Reasoning and Teaching Ability.

Here are some tips to keep you sorted with Reasoning and Aptitude.

  1. Focus on the Parts you have already studied

Point out the chapters you have best prepared by now. These are the strong foundations to help you crack the exam with flying colors. If you have any half-finished topics, finish them as soon as possible and keep enough time in hand to revise them.

For last-minute Maharashtra SET preparation, it is better to avoid any new topic in Reasoning. Instead, revise and solve problems on the subject you have completed.

  • Increase the time of study

Keeping your priorities straight will be helpful during this time. If you were studying for 7 hours before, make it to 10, at least. Schedule specific hours for individual subjects. Cracking the examination will be easier when you clear all the cut-offs for every subject. So, emphasize weaker topics to at least make it to the cut-off.

  • Study Smart

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to achieve it, give in blood and sweat to get through the cut-throat competition. Smart work helps individuals to keep their expectations and fuel their energy levels throughout the day to study.

Keep an eye on the very important topics during Maharashtra SET preparation. Follow previous year’s questions very well and prioritize the important chapters. Now go back to that, and study it more. If you have just started, it will help you cover the maximum syllabus before the exam.

  • Utilize the morning

Morning study routines are extremely beneficial when you are preparing for national-level entrance. That is the most active time of the day with a calm mind. Hence, it is the best time to study Reasoning, Aptitude, and Mathematical Studies.

  • Focus on Depth of the Matter

Reasoning and Research Aptitude are the time guzzlers during the exam. A surface knowledge will not help you get through the difficulties of the question paper. Read reference books that are tuned with Maharashtra SET preparation. Go through every topic by heart. On finishing each of them, get back to the sample test papers to solve problems.

Final Words

Maharashtra SET 2021 preparation strategy will show indefinite results when you believe in the process of preparation. Keep a positive mindset, and focus on your goals. With consistent practice, discipline and self-trust, you can achieve anything! All the best.

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