The world will never be the same as it used to be before COVID19 emerged. Emergence of the novel coronavirus cursed humans with a mark that might not fade anytime soon. Major aspects of life have changed drastically. All the necessities of life are expected to be delivered at doorsteps. The ravaging pandemic affected the education sector real bad, in-person has become a relic of the past. It is apparently impossible to study from someone in person due to the threat the virus poses. When it comes to learning data science the internet has no shortage of options. But among the promising offerings lurks the obvious fraudsters and maneces. It is important to steer clear of them while looking for the institute of dreams.

Reviews are the most original and first hand source of information about a service or product available online. But in our times, these reviews and ratings can be bought in order to bolster the reliability factor of a service or product. This article will try to point out the key features of a fraudulent review or rating. The goal is to empower the enthusiast so that they don’t fall for the trap and lose a lot of money.

Concordance between reviews and ratings.

A scenario is essential for explaining the point in discussion. Imagine a course with 2 stars of rating out of five and the top reviewers are stating things definitely not fit for a 2 star rating. A 2 star means the product or service has a real bad performance and has failed repeatedly to satisfy the clients.

A positive review expressing blind faith and satisfaction for a course, institute or product is most likely a fake one in this case. In order to identify any discrepancies, One must go through most of the reviews and ratings and carry out a detailed investigation.

Investigating the reviewers

A reviewer reviewing two similar courses means they have tried both out. In case of a data science course it is outright stupid and unlikely to be possible. Hence, reviews such as those by reviewers such as those must be avoided.

Before rejecting a review or reviewer completely, one must try to understand the activities of the reviewer. Which include following their activities in other websites. A professional review tailor will most likely be found in multiple websites reviewing seemingly unrelated products.

A ray of hope

Amidst all these dangers there are institutes still surviving solely for the honesty and quality they deliver. Analytixlabs is one such institute, The institute is a bastion of hope among the menaces of the internet. A quick search with analytixlabs reviews rating reveals the truth. The institute focuses on delivering reviews and ratings by only the verified and involved personnel. And the institute is famous for providing contact details of the reviewers so that a potential candidate can verify. It is also possible to get in touch with analytixlabs faculty. Certainly in the area of transparency no stones have been left unturned.