Today In this digitized World most Of the People are Present Online in Search of New Brand, Trending Products, latest Websites and Lot more Things.  Online Marketing has made the Life of People So much Comfortable that they can Purchase Anything Online, Post there Relevant Information on any Topic on internet and Take Opinion from Expertise. All this Is Possible With the Existence of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Traditional Marketing is Getting Extinct from this world as it contains Old Methods of Promoting Brand in Market and is limited Within Area. This Method Does Not Communicate directly with People or else it is limited with in Area and Is Visible to limited People. All this Drawbacks of Traditional Market made People move towards The Most Innovative method of Marketing that is Digital Marketing.

Why Organizations is Using Digital Marketing?

You all must be aware that Internet has drastically diverse many people Attention towards It in the last few years.  Also its Increase in Usage has Given Birth to the Modernize Technology known as Digital Marketing. In limited period It has Shown Tremendous Result and Growth to the Companies and that is the Reason that other organizations have Decided to diverse there Strategy towards it.

Let us Know Some Benefits of it. 

  1. It is Cost Effective. Minimal Cost and sometime No cost is required to startup a business online. 
  2. It creates Visibility worldwide.  Millions of People can view Your Brand if you present it through Digital World. 
  3. There is No Time Limit to access any website present Online. You can use It anytime 24/7 as Per Your Comfort and Convenience.
  4. You can Anytime Modify Your Website As per the Need of customer and Latest Trends. 
  5. This method Unable you to Rank your website on various search engines so that Users can find you anytime. You have to make your Availability in market through SEO and PPC Technique.
  6. Digital market unable you to track record of customers visited your Website through Google Analytics tools. By using it you can Check whether your Promotion is working to get response of people or Not and you can change it as per the requirement of people.
  7. This method Make your website device Friendly so that any individual can use it easily from any device Available with them in there hand. 
  8. It consists of numerous methods to promote your brand worldwide that is SEO, social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. All these Methods are Cost Effective.

After Traditional and Digital Marketing social Media Marketing has taken a Step into this Technological world. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are the Famous Applications which are being used by every age Group people. 

Social Media is the biggest platform to promote Any Brand globally. You can advertise your Brand here in the Form of video, Images, Blogs, banners and live sessions. Here you can Communicate with customer directly and provide Them Response Immediately. 

Following Traditional, Digital and Social Media Marketing together can make Your Brand More Visible to People.  All these Together will make You Earn more Profit and ROI of Company. 

About The Author

Gaurav Digital is an Educator, digital marketing & branding expert having more than a decade experience in the digital marketing industry. Currently he heads Delhi Courses Training Academy which is best known for its advanced & affordable digital marketing course in Delhi.

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