There are numerous ways on how to effectively contain bed bugs, but which one is the best for your home? One of the best methods for killing bed bugs is heat treatment. Heat is a well-known bed bug killer that may be applied in a variety of ways to treat infestations. But in order to achieve the desired treatment outcome, the bed bugs must be exposed to heat that’s hot enough to eliminate all bed bug stages—eggs, nymphs, and adults. Rest assured that bed bugs exposed to 113°F for 90 minutes or longer will perish if the temperature is maintained.

Now that we’re familiar with how this method works, the question is: Is it really effective? Here are several reasons why heat treatment is the best pest control treatment method for your home. 

  1. Cost-effective

Heat treatments are one of the go-to solutions for most of homeowners’ pest problems. The number one reason why it’s cost-effective is that it’s usually done in just one visit as compared with chemical treatments. So if you want a quick and long-term solution, this is most probably your best bet. A good tip to save money when getting a bed bug heat treatment is to find the best pest control company for the job. Request for a price quote when you’re planning on getting a bed bug heat treatment in Owings Mills, MD.

  1. Covers hard-to-reach areas

Bed bugs have an oval form, are 4 to 7 mm in length, and are about the size of a flattened apple seed. So, cracks and crevices are easily their entry point. Once these creatures lay eggs in such areas, it’s would be difficult to contain them. With heat treatment, you’re guaranteed that most of the affected area of your house is covered. No matter how many layers of clothing or bedding a bed bug is hidden beneath, the heat will still be able to reach it and kill it. Bed bugs are likewise fatally affected by heat at all phases of their life cycles. Forget about checking in every corner of your house!

  1. Completely safe

Unlike the use of chemical pesticides, you don’t have to worry about the hazardous effects of the treatment. Also, appliances, furniture, and the structure of your home are both fully safe throughout the process. Pest control experts are able to regulate the lethal temperatures to make sure all belongings are safe. Temperature sensors are effective at identifying places where air movement is required to reach fatal temperatures. To speed up the process and lessen the chances of structural damage, clutter must be reduced as they have dead air pockets that prevent appropriate airflow. Can’t sleep with all the itching fits? This is your sign to get a heat treatment!

  1. Kills pesticide-resistant bed bugs

As bed bugs keep recurring for years, it’s no doubt that they develop a certain resistance against chemical pesticides. Bed bugs shed their cuticle five times as they grow as well as develop a cuticle that is more resistant to pesticides. The thing is that their offspring may be more resistant to insecticides. When attempting to eliminate these bugs with pesticides alone, this might occasionally be a problem. That’s why the capacity of heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals is one of its main advantages. 

  1. Faster than freezing

Note that if you’re planning on freezing bed bugs, it usually takes a long time before you can completely kill them. Bed bugs can resist frigid temperatures of up to -13 degrees Fahrenheit, but they cannot endure prolonged exposure to temperatures below 0 degrees. The only catch is that you have to lower the temperature even more if you want to speed up the process. With heat treatment, they will be exposed to heat with a temperature of 118 °F which will kill them in just 20 minutes, while their eggs must be exposed to 118 °F for 90 minutes in order to be killed. Talk about a faster way to get rid of them permanently!

Safe and effective

Owing to its speedy process of treatment, it’s understandable that heat treatment has become the new trend in pest control. Contrary to heat treatment, freeze treatment is only beneficial for surface-level infestations. Using cryonite will instantaneously cause the bug to freeze from the inside out, therefore killing it. However, its inability to permeate the surface and reach the center of the mattress is its only drawback. Heat treatment will therefore be preferable if any bed bugs are lurking in the seams, folds, or middle of the mattress. In a hurry? No problem! ATC pest control has a Fast 1-Day Treatment that will not compromise the quality of the treatment! Get an inspection from a pest control professional now to know the best treatment program for your home.