To extend the longevity of a glass shower door, various things need to be done after a shower glass installation, with the essential and primary thing is to keep them clean.Thus, to begin with, let’s first understand the reason behind the glass showers becoming dirty.


  • Glass showers regularly contact particles such as skin cells, hard water, body oil, and dirt.
  • The water minerals blend with the fallen soap particles and leave a grey colored residue named ‘soap scum.’ This may prove harmful for the glass cabin as well as the person taking a shower.

Thus, it is pretty discernible from the reasons that one needs to clean their glass cabins at regular intervals. The cleaning schedule may include a daily or weekly, or monthly cleanup session. However,it is not as hectic as it sounds since a regular cleaning session reduces the possibility of thicker layers of scum collected in the shower cabins. This further reduces the amount of hard work that one has to apply while cleaning the shower cabins at long intervals. Thus, it is recommended that one cleans the walls and doors of the glass shower after a bath since the steam trapped inside the glass shower helps loosen up the grime and makes the cleaning process more convenient. So, mentioned below are some cleaning hacks if one has shower glass installation on their mind –

Hack for regular cleaning

  • Use a Squeegee –The mold that gathers on the surface is better cleaned by a squeegee. Therefore, after every bath, one can swipe the body with a squeegee.This tool is pretty readily available in the market. The use method is also pretty easy, i.e., one has to lift the squeegee downwards starting from the top. This process can be swiftly applied to frameless glass shower doors since they offer less obstruction.
  • Apply DIY Spray –DIY sprays are eco-friendly in nature and simple to make. One can easily create a DIY spray at home by whipping homely ingredients like dishwasher and vinegar together.This will give a crystal-like appearance to the glass. The ingredients mixed must be in proportions, i.e., one cup water and half cup vinegar. One can also add 10-20 drops of ‘essential oil’ for aromatherapy.
  • Air Ventilation –The bathroom should be well-ventilated so that any mold or mildew does not form on the glass surface. One can either open the bathroom windows or switch on the exhausting fan in the bathroom or let the bathroom door remain open after use for air ventilation.Taking these steps will reduce the humidity level inside the toilet. Also, to get effective results, one should make sure that the exhausting fan can run for thirty minutes straight.

Hack for weekly cleaning

  • Use white vinegar –White vinegar is the most effective way of removing soap scum from the glass shower, as already mentioned in ‘day-to-day hack.’ However, for a weekly hack, one can simplify the formula by fusing ‘one part vinegar with three parts distilled water.’ The direction for use is to spray the solution on the surface and rest for five minutes, and after five minutes, when it is dry, one can either rinse it with hot water or wipe it with a rag.
  • Dryer sheets –Dryer sheets comprise components that ‘soften water deposits.’ Hence they are secretly the most suitable for cleaning purposes.The application method is pretty simple, including swiping the dryer sheets downwards starting from the top and afterward giving a gentle brush of ‘damp paper towel’ to the surface. They are convenient to use on both frameless glass shower doors as well as framed glass shower doors.

Hack for monthly cleaning

  • Pine-sol –It functions as an ‘all-purpose cleaner’ that disinfects, cleans as well as deodorizes. The method of application is to fuse one eighth cup Pine-sol and half-gallon hot water. The mixed solution is to be poured in a ‘spray bottle’and then sprayed all over the surface and then wiped by a soft sponge.
  • Commercial cleaners –For tough stains that cannot be cleaned easily, it is preferable to opt for ‘commercial cleaners’ that are mainly meant for glass showers. While applying them, one can wear protective gloves and then use the solution on the dry surface and then scrub it. However, before cleaning, some time needs to be given to rest, which depends on one cleaner to the other. Thus, it is better to go through the instructions written on the bottle before applying the solution. Like buying custom shower enclosures online, one can buy these commercial cleaners online to suit their specific shower cabins.

Thus, be it for purchasing custom shower enclosures online or hiring cleaners to clean the shower glass, or even to know cleaning hacks, one can always browse the internet for effective results.