Do you remember how frustrating it was watching anime on TV and waiting for a whole week to view the next one? But now that there are technological advancements, one does not have to go through frustration or annoyance to view the anime series you want. KissAnime is here for users to watch anime series anytime they want and anywhere they want.

A platform providing you with all the anime series online for you to stream without a problem is KissAnime. Moreover, the site provides these services for free, so you can stream and download the anime you want without paying a dime.

Anime has gotten created in Japan, meaning most of the anime is in Japanese without any subtitles. However, thanks to KissAnime, you can watch such anime with English subtitles as they add these supports to various series for their users.

KissAnime a Crime/Legal?

 Is using KissAnime a crime or legal? When it comes to the question of whether KissAnime is legal or not, you would be happy to know KissAnime is legal, and its legality is something that should not get questioned. By using KissAnime to stream or download any animation movies or shows, you will not be breaking any copyright laws, as it is a legal site.

Proofs of why KissAnime is legal are listed below.

  1. As per the Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, KissAnime gets defended, and it also respects all the rights of the copyright holders.
  2. The Google and Openload servers get used by KissAnime to let users download and stream animated videos. As it does not host copyrighted anime content undeviatingly, it makes it legal. 
  3. If content gets streamed only for personal use, then the copyright statute permits the use of copyrighted programs. The content on KissAnime is not to get used for commercial or to get redistributed, making it within the permit. 
  4. All of the anime content on KissAnime is meant for personal use and not to get redistributed or get used for commercial ends. One can stream and download anime series and movies for free but only for personal use from KissAnime. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting jail time or fined if you stream or download anime from KissAnime for personal use. 

Is it Safe to use KissAnime Website?

You might have read on some online reports that hackers and spammers are using the KissAnime website to spam people and infect viruses or malware to the user’s device. However, the fact is, such claims are false.

If you visit the original, official or legitimate KissAnime website, then your device will not get infected with any virus or malware.

Nonetheless, if you do happen to use the mirror KissAnime site (this means sites using the KissAnime name and domain), then your device will most likely get infected with viruses and malware.

The mirror websites have nothing to do with the official site:  it does not connect to the legitimate KissAnime site in any way.

So, using the official site is safe.

Must-Have Extension of KissAnime

 Bowser extension for KissAnime is something every user should get. It is a software program that has features to give the subscribers of KissAnime a more enhanced experience.

Getting the toggle buttons will let you activate or deactivate any time of feature you would not want anymore.

Moreover, toggle buttons on the extension will let you turn on or off adverts and not face problems with downloading or streaming animation like you would if you used an advert blocker.

Moreover, you can make any changes or modifications as you want on the website. In the browser beneath the video player, you can shift the bookmark manager, download links and files. You can also modify the headers of the logo and add various other features to the KissAnime site for the user to get better access.

This KissAnime extension is a must-have feature.


In this article, we let you know everything you should know about the KissAnime site.

You can choose from a wide range of anime movies and shows. This site is safe and legal to use, and easy to access. As far as you do not abuse the content it has, you will not face any problem.

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