There wasn’t enough time to cross the driveway and descend below the tree line on the other side before dark. That is why we are here. We started our adventure at the foot of Mount Whitney and our destination was Kanye west merch Yosemite Valley. The Muir Trail travels through the high Sierra Nevada. My friend Larry and I were there for only 6 days so our bags were still heavy with 4 large bags of food each. We bought a load of food—enough for 30 days of coverage for comfortable coverage of the 211-mile John Muir Trail. Enough because we don’t have to fish or pick up extra food along the way. Early in the morning, still refreshed, we hiked across the elevation of 11,600 feet, and the afternoon heat may have made it even more challenging.

One sweatshirt is the hottest

Suddenly I woke up to the sound of branches cutting towards the big tree, oh no our food. I yelled at Larry, “Larry, I think a hungry big-ass dog is coming to eat our food,” and walked out of the bag into the cold night with a small flashlight in my hand and a sweatshirt on my back. Larry didn’t want to take it out of his hot bag. I don’t blame him, he’s so cool. So we just listened. We don’t hear anything from him. All we heard was a small electrical current rushing in opposition from us. Larry was still scared, but he convinced me I was just dreaming. So, I grabbed a flashlight and went back into the bag. My feet were bare, just a sweater and it was cold outside.

I couldn’t sleep right away, 

so I lay there, dizzy, thinking things over. I am thinking of compensating for this expensive bottom bag and a whole bunch of professional backpacks in the year we are planning this trip. I remember using rocks in our backpacks to simulate the weight of our food and gear after a workout. Very heavy @ 85 pounds. I came up with this funny picture. I charged the dog with bear eyes, sweatshirts and boxers. I just smiled silently in my mind as my tight white boxers attacked me. I can’t see the black shirt in the darkness of the night. What a terrible sight, even for a dog, I thought.

A simple sweatshirt moment turned into a panic.

The sound of things on the floor screaming filled my ears – again! At first it was a nightmare, but this time I didn’t dream. I knew if we didn’t get our asses and my sweatshirt there in time, our trip would be ruined if they weren’t there already. I yelled at Larry as he jumped out of the bag. We grabbed our laptops again, with only loose shirts on our backs, and ran towards the big tree; Where our meals were fun. As we got closer, we began to see food packages strewn at the base of the large tree and a pair of glittering beads staring at us. They were the biggest, fattest brown bears I had ever seen. She glared at us as she sat down to our meal, her mouth on the floor, her piss chewing. His eyes and body language said it all – damn, I’m not going anywhere until everything is done.

I know my cougar shirt won’t protect me.

Larry and I looked at each other. We see the shock and shock on each other’s faces. We soon agreed to try to drive the dogs away, Lucky me I see ghosts hoodie shouting loudly and charging us with sticks and stones. We each picked up a few small rocks and shouted at the dog. About 20 feet away, we threw stones. No reaction, no, not even panic. They ate our food. He’s obviously been here a few times before, and he’s never met anyone willing to risk a sweatshirt on his back. We immediately grabbed more rocks, all within reach from 20 feet away. When we approached the burial ground they shouted and again h