What Is the Purpose of Military Helmet Testing?

A military helmet or combat helmet is a protective piece of armor, usually designed especially to protect the face during combat. This is so the troops do not become targets for the enemy and so they can fight more effectively and longer.

The US army has its own variant of this helmet, which is knows as the MICH helmet. This helmet is made from a heavy duty polycarbonate material which cannot be bent or damage easily.

Top 7 Characterization Tests for the Military Helmet Testing

Military helmets are manufacture in many different sizes to fit different heads and body types. It is important that it fits well because if it does not, the helmet will not provide adequate protection to the wearer.

There are different types of head sizes. Smaller helmets are warn by those soldiers who have small faces and bodies. These helmets are call a big game helmets and are ideal only for shooting practice. They do not have enough armor to protect their heads against rifles fire.

Combat Helmets:

There are also helmets call combat helmets. These are using in combat when one is require to be able to see clearly during battle. Usually these helmets have less protection than the large game versions and they are manufacture to be more comfortable to wear.

These are normally issues to junior grade soldiers. It is believe that in some cases it is actually compulsory for all soldiers to wear a combat helmet.

Style of Helmet:

Tactical helmets are another style of helmet. Their purpose is to provide high level of protection to the wearer. Usually do not have much protection against rifles fire but are still effective in terms of noise reduction.

They are mostly issues to military soldiers. They are similar to tactical Military Helmet in terms of protection and durability, but are manufacture to be much more comfortable to wear. Those are also fitted with additional features such as Kevlar armor and sound insulation.

Protection From Weather:

The next aspect of a Military Helmet that needs to be test is its protection from weather. There are two different types of helmets – full face and half-shell helmets.

Full-face helmets are those with a thick outer shell that protects the wearer’s head from projectiles and impacts. Half-shell helmets on the other hand offer only protection for the base of the skull.

Military Helmet also need to be tests for their comfort. In addition to having the right protection and durability, it is equally important that the helmet provides comfort to the wearer.

In the past, military helmets were made to be heavy and big, as it take too much time to mold the perfect shell that would fit perfectly. Newer designs in recent years have allow military helmets to be made to be lightweight and have more comfort factors for the wearer.

Modern Tactical Helmets:

Military helmet testing is also does to check if the shells have sufficient durability. Modern tactical helmets are make of heavy polycarbonate materials that can withst and extreme weather conditions and constant wear and tear.

The polycarbonate is also heat resistant, which means that it will not crack under extreme temperature changes. All these factors combined with the comfort factor are what make the modern tactical Military Helmet a popular choice among all kinds of people who enjoy camping trips or just spending a day off from the main house.


A military helmet does not need to be buy for sport usage. Even if you just want to look like you have a combat experience, it will suffice to look like your favorite US Army soldier.

It can be a great way to pass off to others that you were a part of something that was very important. Achilles tendonitis, low vision, fragility, and comfort are just some of the conditions that were address when helmets were being develop.