For all of you, who have been thinking that Business intelligence software is made only for large enterprise level and small and midsize businesses do not have the budget to afford the same, unfortunately you are wrong. Irrespective of the size of the business, Business Intelligence Software is designed to support the growth of all sizes of businesses from small to midsize to large enterprises. 

Business Intelligence Software is the smart tool responsible for converting the complex business data into information rich insights to support the decision makers and help them make actionable decisions faster. One such smartest business intelligence tool, that has been accepted worldwide for its unique report creation capabilities and ability to turn the data into smart visuals is Tableau Business Intelligence software

Tableau BI Software

The software is well known for its in-built artificial intelligence that apart from creating meaningful reports supports many other functionalities, like answering the queries of the users. While creating ad hoc analysis or just reviewing the statistical data, you often come up with a number of doubts that go unanswered, but with tableau BI software, no single question can go unanswered as it not just solves the queries but suggests various things during the analysis that not even skilled resources would remember or can do. 

Also, the good news for small to midsize businesses is that the solution is scalable, that is, you can scale up the package or the subscription of the software as per the requirement. Plus, busting your longtime myth that the software is for the large enterprises only, the software is very much affordable for even small size companies. 

These are some of the features from the long list of the same that make tableau users’ favorite BI software in the market. Having known about the capabilities of the software, it is the time to learn something about its licensing as well.

Tableau Licenses

There are three types of Tableau License, as follow:

Tableau Creator License: This license is the basic foundation to making any kind of report or analyzing the business data. Tableau Creators collect the data from the various sources and then creates a central database for all the business information. This data is then used to carry out the analysis using smart visuals, creative dashboards, graphics, smart arts and more. Also, as we doubted earlier if all the BI tools are the same, Tableau stands out among the crowd because apart from creating the visuals, it also creates the smart animation out of the report generated that no other software can do. 

Tableau Explorer License: This is more of a self-analysis type of license that allows users to go deep into the data and the stats and run the self-analysis of the reports. To do the same, the tableau license comes with a range of applications supporting the motive.

Tableau Viewer License: This license is solely used by the decision makers, who combine the information and the reports received by the creators and the explorers and make the smart decisions for the company.