Electric Shavers in India

Today’s topic is the barber days v/s electric shavers in India days. Let’s know about more about barber and electric shavers in India. Electric shavers are very trendy these days. So you should know all about an electric shaver.

Was the period of Barber Shop

“For God’s sake, the barber shop is more than full. I will certainly get late again for work.” More often than not, this was the predicament, a whole lot of us had to face, whenever the need arose for that weekly or monthly hair-cut or a hair-trim. Like a whole lot of other situations, did we have any alternate option? The answer is a big ‘NO’.

The regular visits to the friendly neighborhood barbershop, for the trimming and cutting of hair, invariably found us lined up in a long queue. There was absolutely nothing we could do about it either. The hair cut was necessary and we had to go through it and hold on to the last vestige of our patience. Let us not forget the more than necessary dent in our wallets, with every visit.

Came the period of Electric Shaver

The good news however, had to come one day, and just so, it really did. The magical Electric Shaver was introduced in our busy and frantic lives. The barber shop, if we so wanted and desired, could finally be a closed chapter. The best part however was that now we did indeed have that very important option. It seemed, this is a situation we had been waiting for, almost our whole lives. Yes, we finally were able to say no to the otherwise indispensable barber.

The electric shaver for women was not just a single piece of very convenient equipment for our shaving and hair cutting needs. There was now supposedly an entire range of them to choose from, depending on individual needs and requirements. They are equipped with every aspect of the perfect sense of hair grooming. Let us now discuss and make you familiar with some of the different types of the best shaver in India in the market and their functions and advantages and benefits.

The Foil Shaver

The Foil Shaver would be good to begin with. The side that one shaves with is rectangular, andcontains thin sheets of metal, which have tiny holes called foils. The hair is pushed out of these holes, only to be cut by the blades. This is the basic function. The proper way to use it is to run it top to bottom and side to side.

The Rotary Shaver

However, the Rotary Shaver, has rotating blades, to help you cover larger areas of face and head and quicker. Every portion can be reached with it. In other words, it can be manipulated in just about any direction and every which way comfortable and convenient.

The Electric Trimmer and Shaver

The Electric Trimmer and Shaver, as the name itself suggests, is to fulfil and complete all your trimming and shaving needs, evenly, smoothly, quickly and fascinatingly. After the blissful shave, there are no signs of any nicks and cuts, and the resultant factor is always more than satisfactory.

By now it must be absolutely clear why one can do away with the help from the barber, for all of your hair grooming related issues. Not only is the electric shaver just a one time investment, but giving it company is also the fact that it saves all your precious time and leaves you always looking neater, smarter and sharper.