Lives can be very uncertain, considering the kind of health ailments and stress levels being seen around the world these days. Coronavirus has already proved itself to be one of the most harmful diseases to have hit mankind in a long time.

While a certain part of the current situation is in our control in terms of taking precautions, the rest of it is not. Instead of taking unnecessary tensions, it is a better idea to consult a well known Indian astrologer for taking important life decisions.

What does the Astrologer Know?

A top astrologer in India makes use of scientific calculations and the principles of Vedic astrology to make accurate predictions about the futures of companies and individuals. Most Indian celebrities consult such astrologers since their careers are full of uncertainties. They can take steps to align their careers in the right directions by following expert advice. 

The knowledge and expertise of a top-class astrologer cannot be confined to a specific area. Such a person will never be confined due to various geographical boundaries. Vedic astrology is the most authentic science since many years, but it has been misinterpreted over the years due to various shortcuts.

Hindu mythology states that the following five things are written by God in a person’s destiny at the time of being in the mother’s womb:

  1. Wealth/Prosperity
  2. Age
  3. Intelligence/Education
  4. Work
  5. Cause of Death

The subject of astrology is governed by 12 houses, 9 planets of the solar system, and 12 zodiac signs. For most individuals, the question is that who will be able to foretell these things? The best astrologers must be chosen for correct interpretations.

Misconceptions about Astrology

There have been a lot of misconceptions about astrology since time immemorial. A classic misconception is an abstinence from hard work due to destinies being written already.

Despite developments in astrology, humans will always have to make honest efforts; predictions will never be in favor without hard work. Individuals cannot do away with logical anticipations while dealing with astrology, even if the principles seem completely true. 

Fixing Marriages

Almost all Indian marriages are decided in consultation with astrologers. A word with any top astrologer in the country would help fix a marriage and also enable the couple to easily settle down soon after. Interpretation of celestial bodies inside houses of the birth chart of the individuals needs to be accurate.

Birth charts get positive support from planets such as Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury. Planets in the 5th or 7th houses under Venus’s influence create excellent conditions for marriage. On the other hand, celestial bodies like Mars, Saturn, and the Sun in the birth chart could lead to delayed marriages. Marriages to Mangliks or those with strong Mars influence are filled with problems, for which they should ideally another person with the same characteristic. 

Political Affairs

See the amount of change America has witnessed over the last few years in its political climate, especially since the loss of the previous Government. A lot more change is expected in the future.

Similarly, domination by China is also being seen all over the world, worrying several political leaders. Future courses of action by different countries can be determined on the basis of predictions related to Vedic astrology.   

How did Vedic Astrology Come into Being?

Vedic astrology, originally conceived as the science of light, has been able to evolve as science at both macro and micro levels. The science was first practiced by sages at a time even before recorded history. Many applications are now available to make astrological charts and to lead towards accurate predictions through inputs by Indian astrologers.

Astrology always makes use of mathematical calculations to bring out future occurrences, which is also helpful as business intelligence for companies. Every individual’s existence is on the basis of destiny that is shaped through major factors like genetic makeup, marriage, and current job.

Incidentally, the principles of Vedic astrology appear to be similar as astrology being practiced in Babylon. 

Points in Favour of Vedic Astrology   

In comparison to Western astrology, Vedic astrology is older and more widely recognized for its scientific principles, taken from the Vedas. Information is said to have been passed from sages to mortals, often being termed as God’s gift. Listed below are the main advantages of Vedic astrology:

  • It enables an individual to build better self awareness while being able to experience spiritual growth
  • Calculations show the Vedic astrologer how happiness arrives into an individual’s life. Timing in life is most important for the same; it is also considered critical for success.
  • Guidance about different subjects like love, money, health, marriage, and success can be found
  • It enables corporate companies to know whether the present business climate is favourable or unfavourable. Astrologers always possess the license to talk to massive gatherings across US companies.