Following official advice, all of us loaded up with hand sanitisers in order to keep our hands clean and prevent infection with the novel coronavirus. However, many people are unaware that there are correct and incorrect ways to use it. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser Sydney products are safe, easy to use, and widely available.

Although there are proper ways to use hand sanitiser Sydney products to maximise their effectiveness, it is perhaps more important to understand that using it is not the right option. Hand sanitisers can help destroy bacteria, but they are ineffective against all germs and have little effect on any chemicals on your body. Doctors advise washing your hands as much as possible with soap and water, and hand sanitisers should be used in combination or when washing is not an option. The below are the most famous hand sanitiser errors.

Using it for handwashing

Where possible, washing one’s hands for 20 seconds is the safest way to protect oneself from any germs. Using hand sanitiser Sydney products in lieu of soap and water is an impractical use. They should not be used on hands that are clearly dirty. Nothing cleans your hands easier than soap and water, so use a hand sanitiser only if you don’t have exposure to a handwashing sink.

You’re Doing It Incorrectly

Another common blunder is that people do not properly saturate their hands with hand sanitiser. They normally rub their palms or the backs of their hands together. It is important to apply it between the fingers as well as under the nails to ensure that the sanitiser is distributed equally. Apply hand sanitiser Sydney in the same manner as if you were washing your hands with soap.

You’re Using It Too Much

Hand sanitisers destroy both harmful and healthy communal bacteria, which can be toxic to the skin. They are also much more drying to the hands than soap and water. As a result, people should promptly moisturise their hands after using them, ideally with a cream. hand moisturising cream, fortified with a combination of emollients and occlusive chemicals, is extremely effective in combating dryness caused by hand sanitisers. It helps skin to remain moisturised and keeps it from drying out quickly. The cream moisturises the hands for a long time, leaving them warm and dry. You’re making use of less concentrated hand sanitisers that can contain at least 60% alcohol. The higher the dosage of alcohol, the more powerful it would be. Products from hand sanitiser Sydney should be used undiluted. It enables hands to dry after thoroughly rubbing all surfaces.

You’re storing it near children

Hand sanitiser should be kept out of the hands of young children. And, when using a hand cleanser, prevent contact with the skin, keep out of sight of children, and use only under adult supervision for children under the age of six. And, to stay well through the pandemic, don’t forget to read these items from hand sanitiser Sydney on how not to use hand sanitiser.