The year 2022 sees an abundance of romantic energy, all thanks to the Venus transit in Aquarius. So, what can your zodiac sign expect from this transit? Read on to find out.

The transit of the planet Venus into the Aquarius sign will sway the love horoscope of many. Since Venus is the ruler of relationships, it can impact the way each one of us gives and receives love. Venus also influences the way we look. As a result, it can make or break your chances of finding the right partner because looks do matter to some people.

Venus will complete its journey through Capricorn and move into the Aquarius zodiac sign at 8:37 a.m. on the 31st of March. It will continue to stay here until the 27th of April when it moves to the Pisces sign.

So, what can you and your zodiac sign expect from the movement of the planet of love? Read on to find out:


Time to meet new people! As the transit of the love planet ushers in, you can expect to bump into the possible love of your life! So, this is the time to step out of your comfort zone and start socializing. A fun, charming, and caring individual is right around the corner!


Experimentation should be your mantra for this transit. Don’t take a step back whenever you are faced with something new. Instead, walk through the paths that seem unfamiliar. Who knows? Maybe someone is waiting for you at the end of the road!


Don’t worry if your mood goes through ups and downs because this transit will bring in some emotional instability for you. Talk to an astrologer in Toronto if things get a little more overwhelming because you are prone to get in touch with an ex. Steer clear of old mistakes and find new experiences instead. 


Manifest the life you have been dreaming of during this transit, especially when it comes to your romantic life. Move on from any energy that holds you back and instead focus on the mantra of “forgive and forget.”


Don’t let the whispers in your ear deter you in any way. This is the time to listen to your gut whenever you are faced with a decision, especially regarding your partner. Don’t let outside forces rattle the peace at home.


Trust the people closest to you if you are looking for some love advice. Do not overthink things, and just go for what excites you the most. Experience the freedom that comes from letting go of the thoughts that hold you a prisoner.


Romance is definitely on the cards for you. However, you can spice things up with some experimentation. Use your imagination and show your partner the boundless love you have for them in your heart.


Do not limit yourself during this transit, as the sky is the limit for you. Set your mind free and step up to reach your romantic goals. Life is short, but you should never fall short of experiencing it to the fullest!


Sometimes, past experiences can hold you back from having newer, better experiences! So, let go of the history and fill new pages in the book of romance. Pay special attention to your dreams as they are your getaway!


Take the initiative and show your partner the love that is within you. All your efforts will be returned in full. Use your intuitive abilities to make the most of this transit and select your dream partner after listening to the voice of your heart.


Be creative when you approach your partner. Your desire for your partner will be at its peak during this time so show them what they mean to you. Let go of inhibitions and express your true feelings with courage!


Your imagination is vivid, and sometimes real life may not be able to match upto it. But don’t give up just yet. There are chances of an intense chemistry brewing between you and your partner, so try exploring a little bit. You can take the advice of an astrologer in Canada to help you find the man who rules your imagination.

To Sum It Up

Romance is in the cards! But only time will tell which cards are dealt to you. In the meantime, have courage, and you can conquer all that life throws in your way.