The iPhone 8 and iPhone X were not the only new Apple smartphones released this week. Another was the LG V30, a smartphone with some pretty major upgrades over its predecessor, the V20.

But, with so many big upgrades, you might be worried about the battery life of your new smartphone. Especially when you consider this was the first time to use wireless charging on a new iPhone.

That’s right, wireless charging is not included in the iPhone 8 and X.

To be fair, you can get wireless charging on the iPhone 8 and X through Apple, but you’ll have to get wireless charging accessories separately from Apple. So unless you’re okay with forgoing wireless charging on the iPhone 8, you might want to spend the extra cash to get wireless charging on the iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone 8 doesn’t come with wireless charging anyway, but Apple is currently offering a deal on a Qi wireless charging pad with a set of fast charging Apple Lightning cables for $49.95.

You can purchase the accessories at the official Apple store.

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Here’s how we tested the iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s battery life in the real world.

iPhone 8 Battery Life

In our first battery life test with the iPhone 8, we didn’t notice much of a difference in battery life between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 proved to have a pretty significant advantage when it came to battery life.

That being said, iPhone 8 performed a bit better in our initial battery test when the brightness was turned down, something you should do more often in real life as well.

iPhone 8 Charging and Wireless Battery Life

When it came to charging, the iPhone 8 performed pretty well when it came to fast charging. The phone charged pretty quickly with the included cable.

While it’s not a really a deal breaker, I did find it odd that there was no way to charge the phone while it was charging via fast charging. For example, the phone can fast charge while the phone is off, but charging with the phone plugged in will slow the charging process.

In other words, if the phone was to drop into a sink of water while charging, the phone will take longer to charge if it’s plugged in than it would if it was charging while it was off.

Apple offers its own fast charger for $49.95, but you can purchase a charger with faster-charging technology from Belkin and Mophie for a cheaper price. If you’re going to spend a little extra, you might as well get a charger with the faster-charging technology.

Most people won’t have an issue charging their phone on the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. However, if you’re someone who needs to charge your phone as often as I do, you might want to opt for a quick charger for when you need to top off the battery more often.

When it comes to wireless charging, I found wireless charging to be pretty finicky. It works about half the time.

However, when it works, it’s pretty seamless.

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LG V30 Battery Life

The V30 is one of the few phones with wireless charging included. So, it’s not surprising that the LG V30 performed fairly well in our battery life tests.

The LG V30 performed better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with wireless charging. In fact, it performed about on par with the iPhone 7.

When it came to wireless charging, the phone charged pretty quickly when the smartphone was plugged in. But if you’re going to be on the go all day, you’ll need to take advantage of the fast charging feature on the LG V30 as well.

During our testing, the LG V30 performed well with its display brightness at 50% and while the screen was off.

When the screen was on, the LG V30 had slightly longer battery life than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

  • LG V30 Wireless Battery Life
  • LG V30 Battery Life – Full Display brightness

When the LG V30 is on, the battery life is quite impressive. It lasted well over 12 hours when fully lit.

However, if you lower the display brightness by 20%, the battery life becomes a bit concerning. This is especially true if you’re using your phone while on the go.

The LG V30 can last well over 12 hours on a charge, but you’ll need to lower the brightness to 50% or even lower on some occasions to hit the 12-hour mark.

LG V30 Wireless Battery Life – Setting display brightness

In an ideal world, the LG V30 should last more than 12 hours on a charge. However, the display is quite reflective.

So, if you’re going to have a brightly lit display, you’ll need to lower the screen brightness or buy a portable USB battery pack to keep your phone’s battery topped off when you’re on the go.

LG V30 Conclusion

The LG V30 is a pretty great phone when it comes to battery life. It’s powered by a 3,300mAh battery. For a phone with a large screen, it performs pretty well. The display is a tad bright at full brightness and it can be quite reflective. It’s a good thing LG includes a portable USB battery pack with the phone.

Even though the V30 is a better-performing phone than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, both of those phones have a higher starting price than the LG V30. The V30 has a newer processor, a bigger screen and it’s more versatile.

If battery life is a dealbreaker, you might want to consider the LG G6. The V30 is also available in India and in China.

Amazon is currently selling the unlocked LG V30 for $749.99. For a budget-friendly option, the LG G6 is available for $400.

Have you ordered the LG V30 yet? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.