T-shirts are one of the most important staples in our wardrobe because they are comfortable to wear. But, it does not mean that we use t-shirts for only casual purposes. You can transform your t-shirts into professional apparel. When you will wear a professional-looking t-shirt then you will stand out among all.

By simply adding an embroidery design to your t-shirt, you can make it a different and perfect item in your wardrobe. One of the biggest challenges while embroidering on knit t-shirts is that the design can be distorted due to the stretching of the fabric. By using a good stabilizer, you can easily overcome this problem.

The embroidered design on a t-shirt can have different sizes, ranging from a tiny heart on the sleeve to a big design on the front side of the t-shirt. Also, the design can be simple or a little bit complicated. There are different ways to personalize your t-shirt by creating different beautiful embroidery designs. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 ways of creating beautiful machine embroidery on t-shirts:

Ensure Good Quality

Your perfect embroidered t-shirt designing process starts with selecting the perfect t-shirt. It is recommended to choose heavier cotton blend t-short because it supports stitches in a better way and puckers less than lightweight shirts.


You should consider washing cotton t-shirts because even the perfect no-shrink cotton t-shirts can shrink. If the cloth shrinks after washing then even the perfect embroidery design will pucker. If you do not want to ruin your efforts then you should consider pre-washing your t-shirt before starting the embroidery process.

Stabilize Properly

You should stabilize the cloth so that the result of embroidery is desirable. The key rule of the perfect embroidery is stabilizing the cloth. It is recommended that you should use a cut-away stabilizer. If possible then you should consider using fusible no-show mesh. The stabilizers help in preventing the stretching of knots and help in keeping the embroidery stitches in the appropriate position.

You have to turn the shirt inside out and fix the piece of no-show mesh which is extremely larger than the size of the hoop. You should turn them right side out and after that try to determine the center point. Finally, hoop the stabilized shirt. Make sure that t-shirt is snug in the hoop and not pulled.

Choose Right Needle And Thread

It is very important to pick the right type of needle and thread for making a perfect design on the embroidered t-shirts. You should use the ballpoint needles while embroidering on t-shirts or sweatshirts. You should always choose the smallest needle for embroidering the logo with the finest details.

Experts recommend choosing a 70/10 needle for creating lighter knits on a t-shirt and an 80/12 needle for creating fine details of embroidery on a sweatshirt. As we all know that shirts are worn and washed often, therefore, polyester thread for embroidery is a perfect choice. The color of the polyester thread will never fade away and it is bleach resistant as well.

Choose Light Design

The embroidery designs that have open areas look perfect on t-shirts. The embroidery designs that look stiff and lumpy are not visually appealing. These kinds of embroidery designs are often puckering near the edges of t-shirt. It is so because the fabric of the t-shirt does not support dense embroidery stitches. Therefore, you should wisely choose the embroidery design and embroidery fonts.

Include A Topper

It is recommended that you should use a water-soluble topper that helps make your embroidery knits perfect. It is recommended that you should place a layer of a thin water-soluble film on the embroidery area and baste it over there. The layer of the topper will help in keeping the thread on the top of the knits. This trick is perfect if you want an embroidering design on a professional t-shirt. Once, it is finished, you should remove the excess or washes it away.

Baste In Hoop

If your embroidery machine is comprised of the basting stitch then you should consider using it. It will help in keeping the water-soluble topping at its place. Baste in the hoop will help in keeping embroidery design in its place.

Test Stitches

You should test stitches first before start embroidering the design on your t-shirt. You should take a test of stitches on an old t-shirt. You should make sure that the weight of the old t-shirt is similar to the new one on which you want to embroider the design.

You can hoop the old t-shirt as many times as you want. Testing will help you to get the best results, especially if your design is comprised of embroidery monogram fonts. You should test it before implementing the design. These kinds of embroidery designs are rising in popularity.

Remove Excess Stabilizer

Once the embroidery is done, you should carefully remove the excess stabilizer around the edges. Thread and stabilizer can irritate those who have sensitive skin. Therefore, you should consider covering the design with a fusible tricot.

Press From Back-Side

Finally, you should press the embroidery on the backside with the help of a press cloth. It helps in removing hoop marks and wrinkles.