If you have a room that you want to make into a stand out feature of your home or office, there are few decorations that can add as much as LED neon tube lights.

In a range of lights, shapes and different sizes to choose from, LED neon light tubes can completely change the tone of a room with the click of a button.

Below, we have put together 7 advantages of LED neon light tubes over traditional neon tube lights, so read on.

1. Energy Efficient

LED neon lights and LED lights in general have a major advantage against traditional lights in terms of energy consumption.

On average using at least 75% less energy than other methods of lighting, LEDs are going to save you money on your energy bill.

2. Long-lasting

With a lifespan that is on average three times longer than traditional glass neon lights, LED neon lights will rarely need replacing.

Most have a lifespan of about 30,000 hours vs 10,000 of other neon lights which equates to 1,250 days running non-stop.

3. Flexible

One of the highlights of traditional glass tube neon lights is the customization and flexibility that is achieved.

With LED neon lights, they are often flexible and this results in even greater customization that you could do yourself or get a custom LED lamp to the exact specifications you would like.

4. Easy to Install

The ease of installation is another aspect that is vastly improved with Neon LEDs over traditional neon tube lights.

No need to call a professional electrician to get your lighting set up to a high standard.

5. Extremely durable

Flame retardant, flexible, and made from PVC which makes the LED lights much more durable than other lighting options.

Neon glass tubes rely on gases to work and this obviously introduces huge risks depending on the colour your choose from. Both Title 24 and LEED can allow you to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability in brand-new and existing constructions.

6. Safer

As stated above, neon glass tubes relied on gases and what this means is that often the people producing them have suffered health complications due to inhalation of dangerous chemicals and prolonged exposure to harmful metals.

All of those risks and complications are completely avoided with LED neon lights as the materials are safe to handle.

7. Better for the Environment

Disposing of the materials involved in an LED light is much simpler and many of the materials can be recycled.

The reduced energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint and no harmful chemicals involved in the process of production.

LEED is a universally acknowledged sign of eco-friendly accomplishments – ones that supply the instructions for creating green buildings everywhere. Through a rating system that differs by the type of project, the buildings will be certified. They will be given Gold, Silver, or Platinum status. Points are rewarded if all the requirements are fulfilled.

LED Neon Tube Lights

With the wide range of options available from neon LED strip lights to RGB custom lights, LEDs are the best choice for any feature room.

Find the ideal LED neon tube lights for your home lighting project and get to work making your space the best it can be.

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