Nobody in the web world really dares to question the power of WordPress content management system. Powering more than one third of websites it is the most popular CMS platform as of now. WordPress is popular because of its unlimited scope of customisation thanks to multitude of themes, plugins and widgets. WordPress is preferred because of its ease of use, electrifying performance and sophistication.

But WordPress works best when experts handle it. In spite of offering thousands of plugins for all kinds of features and themes that match every design aspiration, it is the expert developers who handle WordPress the ideal way. This is why companies always look forward to Hire WordPress Developers India who can deliver the best of the platform.

Here we showcase top WordPress development companies from around the world.

CMARIX Technolabs

CMARIX is unique as one of the leading WordPress Development Company India. Thanks to its exceptional design skills and ability to incorporate brand-specific values into website design. Whether you need to create a WordPress business blog or a fully-fledged e-commerce store using Woocommerce, CMARIX offers you the best of each platform.

Having experience in web development and web design for years, CMARIX is sought after for its exceptional design and development output and command on the most important programming languages and key skills that help in customising WordPress apps and building themes and plugins.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad and having offices in USA and Europe the company secured a global presence with several successful WordPress projects up on its sleeve. The company is also a leading name in building advanced WordPress themes and plugins.


3 Media Web is a globally recognised digital marketing and web development company having more than two full decades of experience. Headquartered in Hudson, Mass the company with just a strength of 20 developers and designers is one of the leading names in WordPress development.

Over the years the company has built modern websites for numerous firms across the niches. The company has been an expert in handling web development projects of all types. Their web development mostly relies on the WordPress and Woocommerce platforms.

The company takes care of all round development starting from the ideation, design and wireframing, backend and SEO. Over the years, they made a reputation of building clean websites with a highly engaging interface and smooth user experience.


Wordprax coming with an expert team of experienced WordPress designers and developers is a reputed company that delivers end-to-end development solutions to big enterprises as well as startups. Apart from building the website as per typical business needs, they also offer help in taking mission-critical decisions.

Headquartered in New York, Wordprax offers truly cutting edge and ahead of time WordPress design and development services that help businesses to stay clearly ahead of the competition. Having a strong team of 300 WordPress development and design professionals they offer the best of the platform.

Wordprax offers a wide range of WordPress development solutions such as custom WordPress development, custom theme development, UI/UX design, WordPress Plugin development, etc.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a leading WordPress development company that developed thousands of WordPress websites across all niches. Having already developed more than 5000 award winning websites the company is one of the top choices for building awesome websites at a really competitive rate.

Located at New York and Los Angeles, the company is known for creating superb user-optimised design, top notch website performance along with most well equipped customer support services. They are also experts in creating custom designed WordPress web user interfaces and custom themes.


IndiaNIC is a leading web development company with more than a decade of experience. The company, having built numerous award winning WordPress websites across the niches is featured among the top development companies for business and e-commerce websites. 

The company boasts of a robust portfolio of several successful WordPress and Woocommerce projects. The company is also well known for its exceptional ability in turning business specific and brand attributes into sophisticated design interfaces. The company over the years has built WordPress websites and Woocommerce stores for diverse business niches. 

Headquartered in Ahmedabad and having offices in USA and Australia, the company has a fairly global presence. IndiaNIC has been the name behind several award winning projects and it has built thousands of custom WordPress themes and plugins to this date.

IPIX Tech Services

IPIX Tech Services is one of the leading WordPress development companies with a global footfall and hundreds of successful projects. The company has been into web development for years and is sought after for building WordPress websites with custom themes and plugins.  

Having operations simultaneously in India, USA and UAE, the company offers a whole range of WordPress development services including custom WordPress development, WordPress plugin development, WordPress theme development, WordPress website design and support and maintenance.

Over the years, the company has served many industry stalwarts and big brand websites with its exceptionally sophisticated design skills and development output and many of its successful WordPress projects can be taken as design benchmarks for others to learn.

BlueFountain Media

BlueFountain Media operating from New York, is a leading WordPress web development company with a global footprint. The company has showcased its expertise in WordPress development across many industry niches and has built several award winning WordPress websites.

The company, boasting of an expert WordPress development team can help a business leverage the unlimited possibilities of customisation with the WordPress platform. With Blue Fountain Media you can build WordPress websites that breathe, feel and follow the best development practices and benchmarks to ensure growth in search ranks and organic traffic.


Exygy has been around since 2006 as the leading WordPress web development company that developed multitude of award winning and industry benchmarked websites across all niches. The company, having seen the entire evolution of the WordPress platform, offers the most experienced pool of developers for all WordPress projects.

Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, the company has grown from strength to strength as the leading WordPress development company with exceptional expertise in custom enterprise web development, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development and WordPress optimisation.


Powercode boasts a robust team of skilled and passionate WordPress designers and developers who can create exceptional digital experiences by utilising the potential of the platform. The company has been into web development for more than a decade and has built a multitude of successful WordPress websites for almost every business niche.

The company has a truly global presence with offices located in London, San Francisco, Selm, Kiev and Hong Kong. Powercode in the WordPress development world is widely known for its exceptional ability to customise any web project as per business specific needs.


When it comes to picking the top WordPress development companies from around the world, the choices are too many with very small differences in their respective capabilities and value propositions. So, this listing hardly can remain beyond the debate. At the same time, this stiff competition is what makes excellence possible.